How an Unexpected Vet Visit Can Land You in Debt

At least one-third of the pets in the United States will encounter a medical emergency each year. Pet owners rarely consider pet insurance and hardly think of an emergency happening. Whether it’s a new puppy or kitten, a rescue pet, or an adoption, pet insurance purchased before that adorable chew toy is imperative and can save you money. If a pet emergency happens and you don’t have pet insurance, the costs can be staggering.

Laura and Her New Kitty Misty

When Laura brought Misty home, a one-year-old kitten from her local shelter, the adorable, gray ball of fur curled up in her lap and purred herself to sleep. The next morning, Laura noticed Misty was listless, had a runny nose and red, watery eyes. It was Saturday, and the only veterinarian open was the emergency clinic in town. She drove to the clinic, Misty lying quietly in the crate, and hoped her new fur baby was okay.

It turned out Misty had severe allergies to the flea control product Laura used before bringing her home. She wanted to be sure all the fleas from her previous cat were gone. The emergency vet gave Laura eye drops and advised her to keep Misty in one area of the house until the residual flea control chemicals dissipated.

Laura was relieved to find out it was not a serious health issue, but she wasn’t ready for the bill at the end of the visit. An unexpected vet visit can land you in debt you didn’t anticipate.

Pet Insurance Pays for Itself

One emergency visit to the vet for a dog or cat could cost from $800 to $1,500, based on where you live. Many pet owners don’t have $1,000 of extra money to pay a vet bill. Companies such as Pumpkin Insurance provide health insurance for pets that works much like health insurance for people. After paying for pet insurance throughout the year, the total cost is often less than the actual vet bills for not only emergencies but regular visits also.

Like Laura, pet owners want to see their pets happy and healthy. Along with advances in technology and medical treatment for our pets comes at a higher cost. It’s tough to turn down treatments that may help save your pet or make its life better.

How to Prepare for the Cost of an Emergency Vet Visit

If you want to plan for a possible emergency vet bill, there are options to consider when you have one or more pets.

  • Pet insurance – Most companies reimburse after you pay the vet bills, and then you file the claims yourself. Some veterinarians may file the claim forms, but few do this as it’s time-consuming for their staff.
  • A credit card – If you don’t acquire pet insurance, a credit card with sufficient credit may work. However, depending on the interest rate, the original veterinary charges may multiply, costing much more after all.
  • A separate savings account – You could open a separate savings account that you deposit money into on a regular schedule for unexpected vet bills.

Our pets bring us joy and happiness. We love them, pamper them, cuddle with them, and take care of them. In return, pets offer us unconditional love, loyalty, and affection. It makes sense to want to protect them and be able to get them medical care when they need it. Preparing for a vet emergency visit for your pet removes the financial debt and burden so you can worry about your pet and not your finances.

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