How adding a blog to your site can bring more traffic


Winning over more readers is an art, skill, and science, which leads to every writer’s dream- more traffic. Anyone who has hosted a blog knows that this is not an easy feat. Every time you post content, the expectation is that readers will magically flock. It takes hard work to attract and retain an audience, but it is achievable once you create your blog.

Traffic is not going to happen overnight, but working smart will get you there. Frustrations will always greet you, but your blog can bring all the traffic and create a positive impact on your business, like impressing prospects and clients. Let us discuss the benefits when you create your blog.

How adding a blog to Your Site Can Bring more traffic.

  1. Write Strategic Content

Better content will automatically increase traffic, which is why you will always hear these words, “Content is key” anytime there is a talk about traffic. However, it is not only about writing better quality but also writing strategically.

Strategic writing is about satisfying a need that readers have or giving them what they love. Today, content is either cool and funny for the millennials or useful or educational for the more mature audience. Stick to either and you will be on point.

You can use platforms like Quora to know what people are searching for in the form of questions. Also, Buzzsumo will tell you what topics other writers are busy writing about that are relevant to your subject and write something better.

Make use of topic generators and find out relevant topics to write about. For content style, look for shocking statistics, engaging infographics, and make sure to incorporate videos and create links that readers can share.

Write more.

Frequent updates to your blog will attract and retain readers. Google always ranks websites that are updated consistently. Create your blog, update it often, and it will be a priority to search engines which will result to them giving you attention. You can commit to posting twice a week to keep readers hooked.

Use Social media to promote your blog.

Ensure that with each post you update, it is linked to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Cultivate a culture to always connect all your social networks, and traffic will not elude you.

Write Magnetic titles.

Magnetic titles will catch the attention of a reader, which makes it more important than the content. A title is the first thing a reader will see, and that should tell you it must be worth it in order for them to proceed to the content.

Think about the magazines you see around. Their titles are so enticing that everyone wants to read them immediately because they offer promises and solutions that everyone is searching for. Do the same, and building traffic for your blog will not be a problem.

Know your niche.

You may be interested in many subjects, but writing about all of them will have your readers confused. Choose one clear theme and blog about it faithfully. Learn your audience and answer the questions they might have concerning the particular niche, and you will retain them and perhaps attract new ones.

Don’t Fear the Keywords.

SEO will give your content a place in search engines. Keywords and SEO must be part of your strategy for more traffic. Most people are threatened by SEO, but you must learn how to optimize your content and do it right. Proper optimization keeps you in the light, and your site will always pop up with the correct answers readers are searching for.

Encourage Guest contributors.

Guest posts add content that you don’t struggle or pay to write. These contributors are a bonus opening to links with other sites, hence providing new readers to your blog.

Know Your audience and entice them

Know where to spend your time when promoting your blog. Be observant to know which social media platform has an excellent response to your content and put all your weight there. Don’t abandon the rest, but their response should be reciprocated in the same measure.

If some are still lagging far behind after the same effort, concentrate on the ones excelling. Also, note where your readers hang out and serve them there.

Create and promote a mail list.

Make sure that at the end of every post, there is a form where readers can leave behind comments and email address and collect them only to communicate with them.

When you have a newsletter to share or a new post, you send them an email with the first paragraph of your original post, and they will come running to read it all from your blog. Readers may not have time to visit your blog twice a week, but the mail will be a reminder and a source of information.


Consistency is essential once you create your blog to attract more traffic. You will not get results overnight but keep following these strategies, and traffic will no longer be a struggle. Remember to write strategic content and don’t focus on quantity, as this can be detrimental.

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