Home Security Basics To Teach Your Children


If you want to set the best example of parenting, start by teaching your children how to stay safe and how to handle unwanted security related situations. It’s good to tell your children how they should look both ways before crossing the road or how they shouldn’t take anything from strangers. But at the same time, you need to pay attention to some basic home security tips too. The reason is that when children grow, they start spending most of their time in the house so you have to teach them how to stay safe especially when they are alone.

When it comes to home security, you first need to ensure that the locks on your doors are durable and reliable enough to keep you safe. If you’ve been using the traditional locks and if you now want to shift to something more secure than hire a locksmith in Chicago IL right away and install a locking system that can bring you some peace of mind.

Other than this, here are the tips that you must teach your children for their safety;

1-Keep the doors and windows locked

For burglars, windows and doors are the two main entry points and leaving them open can put you at a huge security risk. This is what you need to teach your children that they should always keep these doors, windows and all the other entry points locked. Especially if they are home alone, this is the first thing they should do and if you are worried that your children might forget to lock the doors then simply opt for a home automation service. With such services, you can take complete control of your house and all the doors etc even when you are away.

2-Do not open door to strangers

Children are naive, they don’t know if they should let certain people in the house or not. This is where you need to play your role and tell them how they shouldn’t ever let any strangers inside the house. It’s simple! Just like we tell our children how they shouldn’t talk to strangers or how they should refuse anything from strangers, they shouldn’t let them in the house too.

3-Operating an alarm system

Emergency situations are inevitable and sometimes, you fall victim to unwanted circumstances no matter how careful you’ve been. This is something your children can also witness so you should teach them how to operate the alarm system in the house. This will help them alert you in case someone breaks in the house when you aren’t there. Only if your children know how to operate the system in the right way, it can make a huge difference and prevent the situation from getting worse.

4-Not to panic

It’s not just a home security skill but a life skill too that your children shouldn’t ever panic when things aren’t favourable around. For example, teach them that they should stay calm and act wisely if someone breaks in their house. Panicking in such a situation will just make things worse so they should be calm enough to deal with the situation and cope with it in a way that it doesn’t get any worse.

5-Have an emergency plan

Lastly, you should have an emergency plan practiced at home and everyone must follow that plan. Go through that plan with your children and prepare them for unwanted situations. For example, if something goes wrong or if someone tries breaking in, they should;

  • Call the police
  • Call a trusted neighbour
  • Give a call on your number
  • Use a secret exit door to leave the house.

Overall Verdict

These are some important tips that you must practice at your house so that your children can stay safe. Even if you are the kind of parent who is always there to supervise your children, you should still teach them these basic life security tips.

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