Holiday Email Design Ideas

Emails are a new way of communication between people and businesses. For example, people use them to talk about their daily activities and congratulate each other on holidays. In business, an email is a way to attract new customers or inform existing ones of new products and services.

When writing emails to customers, companies need to consider that they have their unique styles. It is vital to make an email stand out to attract customers’ attention. Applying a personal style and writing to address the customer directly is also necessary. Each email should have its special formatting, which would show the purpose of the email. It is necessary to fix a special mood in the customers and draw specific feelings to a product or service.

If you are writing an email for a holiday occasion, you should use the special holiday style. There are many holiday styles that you should use depending on your purpose. Sometimes, it can be difficult for a business owner to decide how to format their emails. To make the process easier, you can use an email template builder. There, you can find a ready style for formatting emails to your clients.

The Best Ideas for Design of a Holiday Email

So, what email design to choose when you are writing a holiday email?

1. Christmas emails

Christmas is a great occasion to congratulate your constant customers and make a set of your services. You can use the occasion to show them your holiday sales and new services. Christmas is one of the most popular holidays related to people’s culture. So, you can emphasize culture and usual Christmas traditions. On this holiday, people buy presents for their friends and family, and you can present a range of your products for this. For this reason, when writing a Christmas email, you should provide a wide range of products. You can use a simple, attractive phrase to attract your customers’ attention.

2. Emails for a Holiday Sale

Any holiday provides you with a way to inform customers of your products or services. At the same time, you can organize a sale to sell more products or services. In such an email, you need to use a vertical format and make sure that each product has a photo. The photos should be easily visible on any device to attract customers’ attention. Images and photos are the most critical part of this type of email. They need to have a lot of colors and have a special purpose.

3. Emails in the form of a review of the year

The end of December is a period of holidays and the year’s conclusion. As a company, you can create an email with memories of the previous year and send it to your customers. In such an email, you can show them your achievements and which products you sell now. You can also create a history of interactions with the customer and their purchases. Then, you can present their new products and ask them to buy them. Finally, do not forget to congratulate them on the holidays.

4. Emails with a Gift Guide

Holidays are when people buy gifts and present them to each other. Your customers will surely look for a good present for their family and friends. So, it is perfect for you to introduce your products and services. You can create a set of holiday presents and sell them to your customers these days. To do this, send an email with a gift guide, where you give recommendations on how to choose a present. Then, make a step-by-step guide and include your products as gift options. Remember to attach clear and attractive pictures.

5. Emails for a certain season

For some people, the coming of a new season is a small holiday. In winter, people like drinking a cup of coffee and watching a series covered with their favorite blanket. In your seasonal email, you can present warm clothes, atmospheric books, or notebooks for winter lovers. In summer, try to emphasize sunny days and beautiful nature. In autumn and spring, you can also sell cozy products and create a style of a rainy day or flowers in spring. Make a design for the email similar to the season you are writing at.


To sum up, emails are an excellent way for companies to attract customers. On holidays, you can use emails to inform your customers about new products and services and congratulate them. To do it correctly, you should choose the right style and template for formatting. When looking for a good style, you can choose a Christmas email, an email for a holiday sale, an email in the form of a review of the year, an email with a gift guide, or an email for a certain season. For more templates, you can access an email template builder.

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