Health Risks Associated with Mobile Phone Use

Is My Cell Phone Bad for My Health? 5 Health Risks Associated with Mobile Phone Use

More than 5 billion people around the world make use a mobile phone, and you obviously are aware. Mobile phones are everywhere, and you are one of those 5 billion users.

As the use of smartphones and cell phones continues to dominate pop culture and market demands, research continues to emerge with overwhelming data linking mobile phone use to numerous health risks. These risks can be physical, mental and even life-threatening. Let’s take a look at five of the most common health risks associated with mobile phones.


5 Health Risks Associated with Mobile Phone Use

  1. Correlation to Cancer – A 2013 study from the World Health Organization pointed to information from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that mobile phones may be linked to cancer. Isn’t that something to think about today? Scientists are still trying to determine for certain if there is a need for cell phone radiation protection and whether or not there is a direct link.


  1. Changes to Brain Activity – Radiation and cancer aren’t the only potential hazards to your brain. Sleep can be disturbed, and your brain’s cognitive thinking abilities can deteriorate. Mobile phones are associated with all types of brain-related health issues. The inability to think clear and other cognitive issues can arise from being over-stimulated by mobile phones. The phones are getting smarter, but people are not. Do you agree?


  1. Auto Injuries – It’s not only cell phone radiation protection that scientists constantly consider. They also try to protect us from distracted drivers and pedestrians. How many times have you seen a driver on their phone that almost hit you? How many times have you seen someone on a phone almost walk into someone or even a light pole? Your observations and experiences, as well as scientific research, have led to legislation, car safety improvements and plenty of education that now informs mobile phone users of the dangers of distracted driving and other improper uses of mobile phones.


  1. Neck and Posture Problems – Are you constantly bending awkwardly to get that email out to your team? Are you finding that you looking down affixed to your mobile phone more than your family or friends? You likely now developing posture issues. Bad posture can wreak havoc on your neck and back. And everyone knows that neck and back issues can become debilitating.
  1. Hand and Finger Issues – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and arthritis-like symptoms you may also notice. When you constantly force your hands and fingers to rush out social media posts, texts, and emails, you are putting a lot of strain on your hands and fingers. Have you experienced the tingling sensations or numbness? You are not alone.


You have seen how quickly and suddenly new phones come out all of the time. You are constantly made aware of the new technologies of mobile phones, aka must-have devices. And you may or may not had already been aware of the health risks associated with them. Now that you know, what do you think?

The global use of mobile phones isn’t slowing down. You already knew that. And you likely had seen or heard of the impacts of distracted drivers and pedestrians and associated conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome. But did you know about the possible links to cancer? Did you know there were so many health risks associated with the use of mobile phones? What do you think about all of that?


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