3 Ways Employees Can Work To Prepare For Workplace Accident And Injury

Workplace Accident And Injury

Every year, employers report millions of workplace injury and accident cases. While it is an unpleasant scenario, it is one that every workplace should prepare for. According to estimates from the ILO, approximately 2.3 million people experience a workplace accident or injury every year. For employers, this results in millions of compensation costs, lost production …

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How Do You Handle Flaws In Forex Trading?

Humans are meant to make mistakes. It is the typical nature of every individual in this world. In the professions, there is no alternative to making mistakes as well. Everyone ruins their efficiency with some errors. While running businesses, simple mistakes cause significant damage to the capital sometimes. If you work in a day job, …

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7 Cybersecurity Tips For Students

You may have found yourself studying from home in recent months and looking forward to the days when you can get back to the classroom and back with your peers. The good news is those days aren’t far away! But whether you’re going to be starting a new year, a new subject or a new …

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In April, Corona reported an average of 80,000 cases a day, according to the WHO


The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) says an average of 80,000 cases of the coronavirus was reported daily worldwide in April, the number of cases is declining in Western Europe, while the number is increasing daily in Eastern Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Eastern the Mediterranean, and the United States. The World Health …

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Google and Apple are also at the forefront of tracking Corona patients

Google and Apple

Leading technology companies Google and Apple have teamed up to come up with a tool in a few days that will help track Coronavirus patients. Google has released new details on a Blue Tooth system for Android and Apple devices that will help track coronavirus patients. Users will not be allowed to collect location-related information …

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