Hat Shopping: Tips and Tricks for Finding the Perfect Accessory

Hats have been around for centuries, serving various purposes like sun protection, warmth, style, or as a fashion statement. Today, hats still remain an essential part of many wardrobes, and finding the right one to compliment your outfit can make all the difference. While shopping for a hat might seem overwhelming at first, with so many styles and sizes to choose from, taking note of some tips and tricks can help you find the perfect accessory in no time.

So here in the blog, we provide you with some tips to buy the perfect hat according to your needs and fashion preferences.

1. Determine Your Head Size

Before even stepping foot into any store, it’s important to determine your head size. Numerous fashionable hat stores in Montreal provide hats according to your fashion needs and preferences. You don’t want to be stuck with a tight-fitting uncomfortable hat, nor do you want it too loose that it keeps falling off every few steps you take outside. So visit a store and try your hats before buying one.

To measure your head size, simply wrap a measuring tape around your forehead just above your ears and eyebrows but not over them- this will give you an accurate reading on which size will fit well without causing any discomfort.

2. Choose The Right Style For You

With so many varieties available like fedoras, beanies, and baseball caps – figuring out what style works best for both the shape of your face is key when buying any kind of hat that compliments how good we feel about ourselves while wearing them.

For instance;

– Fedora Hats are suited for Oval-shape faces due to their symmetry.

– Beanies suit round-faced people better as they draw attention away from cheeks

– Baseball caps fit best with square-shaped faces complementing strong jawlines.

3. Pay Attention To Color Coordination

The color of your hat should complement rather than contrast against whatever outfit you’re wearing; otherwise, it might present a missed opportunity by producing visually distracting clashing colors.

If unsure, stick to neutral-colored hats such as beige or gray if planning on dressing up in flamboyant clothes. Alternatively, coordinate brighter hues like reds or yellow depending upon skin tones!

4. Embrace Fabric Choice

Fabric quality and durability will determine how long your hat lasts. Understand your weather conditions to decide which type of hat you are planning to buy. Soft cotton bucket hats against the harsh winters will leave you underdressed in a cold environment, searching for more warmth. In such a situation, stick to wool caps or fur fedoras. However, some may even prefer a suede leather structure. All depends on personal styles and preferences.

5. Consider The Purpose Of Your Hat

The right occasion will help determine the style of hat you need. Plus, whether it needs to be practical or purely decorative.

For example:

Sun Protection: Wide-brimmed sun hats offer greater protection from heat and sunlight, whereas baseball caps only shield forehead regions.

Sporting Events: A baseball cap is ideal as it provides shade while making cheering on your favorite team easier.

Formal Occasions: Fedora Trilby-style hats do a great job providing both comfort and dressing up an outfit for weddings or similarly fancy events.

6. Try Hats On In Person

Shopping online has become increasingly popular but when shopping for a hat it’s important to try before buying, otherwise one could end up with something that doesn’t fit well nor suit how they expected at all!

Try various styles using head measurements taken earlier. Experiment with contrasting/monochromatic colors alongside the clothing range. Also, take photographs from different angles if allowed by retailers letting friends judge the suitability of the hat based solely on these pictures. Choosing the right hat will only garner good compliments anywhere you go!

7. Accessorize Smartly

Hats can make any wardrobe stand out but pairing them properly can elevate your wardrobe. Hats with modest details turn into statement pieces complimenting the whole look! Take extra caution selecting accessories like belts, earrings, necklaces, sunglasses, etc., when pairing them with hats, since each piece adds significance towards either detracting potential beauty!

In conclusion;

So in case you are planning to buy hats to add that extra sophistication to your outfits, consider all the mentioned points before buying one. A good and stylish hat paired with the right kind of outfit will surely turn heads at any event!

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