Hand Free Portable Neck Fan:

Neck Fan is an innovative portable technology designed to be worn around your neck just like you wear a necklace. It gives you conditioning air while leaving your hands free. These rechargeable fans let you do your daily chores without being worried about the hot weather. You can learn about different types of affordable gadgets that you can buy, on this website: www.justanotherdeveloper.net

Specialties of Neck Fan:

This handy yet innovative invention comes with many special and useful features. some of them are specified as under:

  • Three seconds of long-press (on/off).
  • Touch the key to change the speed.
  • Blue light flashes while working.
  • Red light flashes while charging.
  • Blue lights are vivid and full of power.
  • Red light flashes due to a power outage.
  • Optimum power backup.
  • Fast charging.


 The motor in the wearable neckband fan has been adjusted to produce noises of at least 25 decibels while running. Just hearing your own breath is enough. ABS and silicone are both environmentally friendly materials. A hands-free neckband fan becomes softer, more durable, and quieter.


 The hand-free fan was developed as a headphone to free your hands anyplace; fashionable style makes you appear cool, and it can be taken anywhere in hot weather.


 By just placing it on your neck, you may send the wind without fouling your hands. It is designed without wings so that children and the elderly can use it securely. You don’t have to worry about your hair getting trapped in the fan blades when using it. It may be utilized for the full face around with 78 air outlets around the neck, providing enough air to keep you cool at all times. It’s also great for working outside in hot weather.


 The large capacity 4000mAh batteries gives 4-16 hours of operation (depending on different speeds). By continuously pushing the power button, you can adjust the fan speed to your liking.

Lightweight technology:

Hands-Free Intimate Design portable neck fan allows you to beat the summer heat, simply drape the fan around your neck. The fan is around 6 ounces in weight and volume, with a comfortable neckband design that won’t put too much strain on your neck when worn for a long time.

Long Battery life:

The neck fan has a built-in 2500mAh lithium battery that can be swiftly charged through USB and can run for 3-12 hours after a full charge, allowing you to enjoy a cool breeze for longer in the summer. Most PCs, power banks, wall chargers, auto chargers, and other USB-enabled devices are compatible.

Turbine technology:

The personal fan is worn around your neck and can be rotated 360 degrees to get the best airflow direction. The 72 turbine blades are strong and comfy, and they can cool down in 3 seconds. They can be used around your face, and there is enough airflow to keep you cool at all times. You won’t have to worry about your hair getting trapped in the fan blades. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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