Guide To Buy Gold Pendants Online

The charm of a beautiful locket cum pendant suspended on a gold chain will never fade its glory! We have been using jewellery, especially pendant chains and necklaces since almost the 18th Century! Yes, folks, it’s that old! What started as simple chains and lockets have now become pendant sets and designer necklaces. Nowadays, it’s quite easy to buy a gold pendant for womens online from the comfort of your home, and the free trial at home works as an icing on the cake. In today’s fast-paced life, most of us prefer to buy everything online; nobody has time or energy to spend hours in the huge stores and boutiques. But we need to be vigil while buying gold jewellery online. Here in this post, we have provided a checklist you need to consider while buying gold pendants online:

  1. Understanding the basics: Firstly, it’s imperative to be clear about what exactly you wish to purchase. While buying a pendant online, no doubt you’ll be spoilt for choices, so we suggest that you understand the basics of various terms like the gold carat, clarity, cut, weight, making charges, etc. For instance, you may find a gold pendant in both 22-carat and 18-carat, of course, the latter one will be relatively cheaper. But in this case, there will be a slight difference in the clarity and appearance of the pendant. 22-carat gold jewellery is 91.67% pure, and 18-carat gold jewellery contains approximately 75% of gold in it. Generally, diamond and stone studded gold pendants are crafted in 18-carat, and pure gold pendants are crafted in 22-carat.
  2. Always choose reliable brands: We often find a phenomenal difference between the prices quoted by brands and local sellers, but it’s always better to go with brands. Trust us; it will be worth it. Renowned jewellers will never cheat their customers in terms of quality and price, so it’s always best to play safely while buying gold!
  3. Certification and Hallmark: This is probably the most important feature you need to check while buying your gold pendant online! Make sure that the BIS hallmark and certificate of authenticity is mentioned on the website. You can cross verify the hallmark on the jewellery itself to see if it’s authentic. It confirms about the purity and quality of the gold used in making the pendant.
  4. Check for the exchange and refund policy: We all are aware of what technology can do to our photographs, jewellery is no different! Many times, what we see is not exactly what we get or even it’s true that things look more prominent in the photographs but actually are quite smaller in sizes. So, you need to make sure that the seller follows a customer-friendly exchange and return policy.
  5. Watch out for the best deals and offers: Many websites offer amazing discounts on making charges during the festive seasons like Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya, etc. So, make sure that you do not miss out on those deals.
  6. Research: It’s highly recommended to research well beforehand, making the purchase online. You can check the reviews given by other customers, especially if it’s a new website. Finally, make a purchase only after considering all the important details.

Now that you know the basics of how to get a gold pendant online, go ahead and treat yourself to a stunning pendant that will wow all your onlookers!s

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