Great Sentimental Travel Mementos To Collect On Your Travels

Regularly traveling 75 miles or more from home increases people’s happiness by as much as 7%, according to Washington State University. Every year, Americans take 2.29 billion domestic trips, while 68% will visit at least 10 countries in their lifetime. A great way to remember these magical life experiences is to collect sentimental travel mementos. But what items should you consider buying?

Pressed pennies 

Pressed pennies are an affordable, convenient, and small travel memento that are ideal for travelers who don’t want to be weighed down with heavy souvenirs. They usually cost between 51 cents and $1.01. The idea behind pressed pennies is simple and people have been collecting them for more than 100 years.

You simply pop a penny into a machine and it is stretched and flattened by rollers. An imprint is then made on the penny to mark where it’s been done. The image put on pennies at each location frequently changes, so even if you return to a favorite travel destination, your next pressed penny is likely to be different from your last.

There are several places online that highlight the exact location of pressed penny machines including pennypresses and pennycollector, so you can find out exactly where machines are based before you travel. Learn more about Sentimental Travel Mementos To Collect On Your Travels at

Unique jewelry

Most countries sell jewelry that is native to that particular area. The jewelry is often handmade and has a sentimental reason behind it. For example, Kenyan jewelry usually represents family and tradition, while Indian jewelry shows social status. If you want a delicate ring that symbolizes love and friendship, you’ll find Celtic bands in Ireland are the right fit. Collecting jewelry as your travel memorabilia is a great way to remember your travels. Every time you put a piece on when you’re back on home soil, you’ll be instantly reminded of your trip and the great time you had there. Plus, it’s something that can be worn time and time again.

Map collecting 

People have been using Google Maps for 17 years now, but as a frequent traveler, there’s something special about paper maps. They’re reliable, dependable, and always there. There’s often a good story to tell when you look back on a map, too. Map collecting involves nothing more than buying, using, and storing a map of every location that you visit. You could keep all your maps in a travel-inspired storage box on your bookshelf so you can look back on them as and when you want. If there’s one place you’ve visited that you absolutely fell in love with, why not have the map of that location turned into a stunning piece of wall art to hang in your sitting room? It’s even possible to custom make wallpaper from a map if you really want to make a statement in your home.

The joy of traveling is the big collection of memorabilia you can collect. But rather than filling up your suitcase with endless mugs, t-shirts, and keyrings, opt for these simple yet meaningful treasures.

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