Google Autocomplete: Little Known Tips for Improving Your SEO

SEO is about simplicity. It’s about delivering value to your customers. It shouldn’t complicate the process of searching for information online. And that’s what Autocomplete is all about. Explicitly designed to give customers superior search experiences, autocomplete helps users perform quick searches.

It’s also an incredibly useful marketing tool for SEO professionals, as well as, digital marketers. It makes it easier for them to perform keyword research and determine search intent. You really don’t miss out on this clever feature, right?

Google Autocomplete 101

Google Autocomplete refers to a search feature within Google that enables users to complete searches quicker as they’re beginning to type. It’s commonly found in Google’s search box and the Google app.

Powered by RankBrain, the Autocomplete feature utilizes deep machine learning technologies that help users get better search engine results. It reads signals plus search patterns to sort out Google search results and page rankings. And this in turn provides accurate predictions to user queries.

How It Works

When you start typing in Google’s search box, the Autocomplete feature performs a prediction of possible search questions and displays a drop-down list of related words, as well as, phrases.

The predictions are based on several factors, including popularity and freshness. And they’ll show what others are searching for, the terms you’re searching for, and relevant searches you’ve previously done. From there, you can choose a search query that closely matches the one you wanted to enter.

The Autocomplete feature helps you perform searches quicker and accurately. Plus, it shows trending queries that are frequently being searched by other people.

How to Take Advantage of Google Autocomplete

Autocomplete was uniquely designed to reduce users’ typing time through query predictions. However, there are also ways in which this feature can benefit marketers. For instance, it can be utilized for sourcing keyword suggestions, learning about the user intent, and searching for content ideas. So, whether you’re a casual user, a marketing professional, or an SEO expert, here’s how Google Autocomplete can be useful to you:

Keyword Research

Google Autocomplete is a powerful tool for conducting keyword research. And this is particularly true if you’re in the early stages of content creation or implementation of organic search strategies.

The Autocomplete feature provides a list of relevant keywords based on popularity, making it easier for you to kick-start your keyword planning for search engine optimization. Plus, it can give you valuable ideas regarding long-tail keywords. For fast results, use our fast address autocomplete API.

Search Intent

Search engine algorithms nowadays place more importance on search intent- not search volume alone. It’s therefore important to make sure that your goals, page layout, and massaging satisfy user intent for search queries.

The Autocomplete function shows a list of popular, as well as, trending terms that other users are searching for.

The Bottom-Line

Google Autocomplete has become increasingly popular. It has helped many websites achieve milestones. You too can take advantage of Google autocomplete feature to take your SEO game to another new level. All you need is the above tips.

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