Golden tips to deal with fussy little eaters!

If you are a parent, you are probably struggling with fussy eaters every day. And why not, today’s kids are very much into junk food and avoid healthy food. But this doesn’t mean that you should leave your kids on their own and forget about the important intake of nutrients and vitamins required for their proper growth and health. There should be some way to introduce to them the healthy diet and essential minerals and vitamins so that they grow better and healthier.

Ø Best ways to handle fussy eaters!

Mostly, kids start creating a fuss about food when they start understanding its taste and looks. And it’s also because they somehow taste the junk food and feel that the homemade food isn’t as yummy and good as the one that they tasted outside. So, here we are to help you in dealing with them better and convince them into having the healthy options lovingly.

o Start with listing the most nutritional food menu for them — To get your child love the varieties you offer at home and finish it all, you’ll need to first understand the exact nutritional intake that’s ideal for them. This, you’ll get only after consulting a good paediatric dietitian in London, Rick Miller can chalk out the proper chart of the required nutrients count for your child’s better growth and health. And accordingly, also list the food items that include those vitamins and minerals in abundance.

o Involve your kid in food preps and buying — If you want your child to take an interest in the food he or she is eating, then better let them take an interest in the buying of the food items, in the preparations that goes in making the scrumptious food, and even in the laying of the table.

o Make enticing delights with them — Today, all that looks good tends to be more tempting and worth trying. You can try making some food items that look colourful, attractive, and fun to them. For example, you can try shaping the fruits into a cartoon with the help of a cookie cutter, mix colourful veggies together in a whole wheat paste, etc.

o Serve smaller portions frequently — Children fuss about the food when they think the quantity is too large for them to eat. You can always tackle this problem by serving them small portions at regular intervals.

o Be patient with them — If you want to deal with your kid better, then remember that fussy eating is very much normal in kids. And if you try to be more patient only then you can solve this problem easily. So, shouting and quarrelling with kids and forcing them to eat the food items that you serve wouldn’t help – tricking them into eating would.

We know, as parents, you are very much worried about your fussy eaters and want to deal with the issue as fast as you can. But remember patience and following all the above pointers would help them become better eaters with time.

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