Going on a Road Trip in Your Honda Civic? Here are 7 Things to Keep in Mind

If you have a Honda car – like a Honda Civic – sitting in your driveway and you’re wondering what would be the safest way to take a trip – it’s time to take it out for a spin. Honda cars are known for their robust build and dependability. They are an excellent choice for going on long road trips.

You may be worried about carrying all the luggage, especially if you have a family. But it can be swiftly sorted out if you install a Honda Civic roof rack. But before setting out, it is vital to ensure that your car is at its optimum capacity and that you have everything in order. After all, you wouldn’t want to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere when all you want is to have a good time.

Choose the Right Insurance

A good car insurance is the first thing you need when deciding on going on a long road trip, as it only takes a minute for your vehicle to go from brand new to busted.

When driving on the road, you will have a peace of mind that in case of a mishap, your car will be taken care of. You should always go with a reputed insurance company who will guarantee repairs with genuine Honda spares.

Tire Rotation

One of the most common reported damages in the car is related to the tires. If you haven’t rotated your tires in a while, it is essential that you do it before setting out on the trip. Newer Honda models come equipped with the latest technology called the maintenance minder system. It is designed to inform you when you should take in your car for servicing and why.

The tires under the hood wear down more quickly, due to the weight of the engine. Because of this inequitable distribution of weight, you need to rotate the tires after every 5,000 miles.

Check Tire Pressure

While rotating the tire routinely is important, checking the pressure in those tires is even more critical. An over or under-inflated tire will create issues while applying brakes, as they might become hard to control. Tires with poorly calibrated air pressure also decrease the car’s fuel efficiency, meaning it will add to the cost of the road trip.

Hence, for safety and efficiency, you should check the tire pressure once every month, as it can change due to any alterations in the air temperature outside the car.

Roof Racks

It is quite an arduous task to cram everything inside your car if you are going for a long road trip on your Honda. But a perfect solution for this problem is installing roof racks. While buying a Honda Civic roof rack, make sure you have the car’s dimensions handy.

A roof rack is installed on a car’s roof. It frees up space inside the vehicle, ensuring greater convenience and mobility for everybody inside.

Check the Oil

The oil is the lifeblood of your car, and you need to take special care of it. Insufficient oil can cause your Honda to break down and incur permanent damage. It lubricates moving components like the pistons, crankshaft, and camshaft for optimum performance. In fact, the oil is the only thing that keeps these metal parts from rubbing against each other and wearing down!

You should get your Honda’s oil changed every 7,500 miles. For certainty, use the dipstick to check the oil level. If it’s below the fill line or coming up gritty, refill the oil.

While on the subject of fluids, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) recommends checking the fluid levels of your car’s power steering, transmission, and windshield washer as well.

Check the Lights

Long road trips are mostly all about traversing dark, foggy roads. The functioning of your vehicle’s lights is directly related to your safety. It is better to have them checked before embarking on the trip.

Also, a malfunctioning headlight, tail light, or blinker can get you pulled over by the police. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you can turn your car on, leave it in parking mode, and switch on the headlights to examine if all the lights are working correctly.

Check the Horn

Check if the horn is working as it should. Ensure that it is loud, sharp and clear, and audible from a distance.

Going on a road trip is a memorable experience for everybody involved. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and check the car’s audio system as well before hitting the road. You should also pack the essential tool kit should there be any need for minor repairs like a tire change.


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