Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Is the company you work for quite a small, tight knit company? Then you might find yourself looking for gift ideas for your boss, either for their birthday or for Christmas. Buying your boss a gift is a great way to show them that you appreciate them and your work, but it can be challenging knowing what to buy them especially if you’re new to your job or not that close to them. Over the years I’ve found there a few foolproof gift ideas that I’m sure any boss would love to receive. Keep reading to learn more about my top gift ideas for your boss.

Follow Their Hobbies

Do you know what your boss loves to do in their spare time? If you haven’t asked, now might be a great time to find out. I personally really like buying gifts that focus on people’s hobbies as it shows I pay attention to what matters to them, and you can be almost guaranteed that it would be something they’ll enjoy. For example if your boss likes to fly drones, why not consider buying them a drone flying course, such as this best drone course to take their skills to the next level. If your boss loves yoga, you can get them a monthly membership card to a new studio to try. If they love cooking, buy them your favorite cookbook and so on. Following their hobbies is a great way to ensure you buy a gift they’ll really love.

A Good Bottle of Wine

Almost everyone I know loves a good bottle of wine, and if for some reason your boss isn’t a big fan, maybe their partner is or they’ll enjoy sharing the bottle of wine the next time they host at their home. I tend to buy my favorite bottles of wine as a gift, but if you don’t have anything that you regularly buy and love, you can always look to a local vineyard to help you out. Two Vintners, for example, have a wine club that you can sign up for. That way you’ll always have fresh bottles of wine in your home, perfect for gifting to your boss or enjoying with your loved ones.

Your Favorite Restaurant

Sometimes buying a restaurant voucher is the perfect gift, because it allows you to give your boss a little escape. This can be especially important when they’re going through a challenging part of their lives such as adjusting to being new parents or if they’ve experienced a death in the family. Oftentimes during these challenging parts of our lives, things such as going out and enjoying a nice meal fall to the backburner, but they’re often exactly what we need to feel ourselves. If you have a favorite restaurant, buy a gift voucher so your boss can enjoy a meal there. I suggest buying a voucher large enough that it will cover the cost of two mains, a dessert and two drinks. I’m sure any boss would love to receive such a thoughtful gift.

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