Gia Walsh Bronxville – My Lockdown Plan To Make Movies

I have always loved movies and for many years there have been so many movie directors out there who I have been inspired by. One of my favorite producers has been Gia Walsh Bronxville creator and someone who’s career I have followed with a keen eye. I watched Gia talk about her start in film and how she had commenced her movie career in her early twenties, shooting her own handmade films. This was something that really inspired me and when the lockdown kicked in, I decided that I was going to learn how to produce and make movies, all on my own.

I am yet to make that hit movie, but here is what I have been doing so far.


When I first started with this I decided to get some inspiration from those who have been there and done it. I watched a brilliant round table with some of the world’s leading film directors and it was a fascinating watch. I took on some of what they had to say and made a huge bundle of notes about what exactly I would need to do when it came to shooting my own movie.

Starting With a Phone

I didn’t want to invest in a fancy camera just yet as I wanted to see whether or not this was going to be a passion which I pursued. I have heard that many movies have been shot with an iPhone and so this is where I started. The next step for me then was to get the right apps for video editing and to understand how all of the filters and the options worked on my phone, so that I could shoot to the highest quality.

The Scene

I understood from a great deal of research that focussing on a single scene was the best way to practice filming and editing. I didn’t have much of a desire to get into the writing of movies, and so I decided to take a scene which already existed, and then have my brothers to act out the scene for me. Once I shot the first scene and then looked over it, it suddenly dawned on me what all the fuss was about. When you focus on the individuality of a scene rather than looking at a movie on the whole, you begin to notice every small detail, every object in the room or space and how they interact with the story. Ultimately a movie is just a collection of scenes and that is why focusing on an individual scene and getting it right makes so much difference.

Playing With Editing

Finally, and this is the stage which I am in right now, the editing process has be done right. The difference between an unedited piece of tape and an edited one is phenomenal and this is something which I am so keen on getting right. What I have noticed as well, is that through the editing process, you learn how to shoot better too.

The camera has been ordered, and the movie is just around the corner, watch this space.

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