Getting A Personal Injury Settlement: What Do You Need To Know?

In the event that you have been wounded in an accident, you will most likely want your case to be resolved as quickly as possible so that you may use the money you get to recover and go on with your life. The most expedient way to get the money you need to pay your accident-related obligations is via a settlement of your claims rather than through a court case.

Understanding the settlement procedure might help you avoid being taken advantage of when you reach an agreement to settle and discharge claims with an insurer or the parties who were liable for your injury. In order to understand more about the settlement process, speak with a knowledgeable Stockton personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident occurs.


A personal injury claim will be settled only when all of the necessary papers, receipts, and invoices from your accident have been gathered, and this may prove to be one of the most challenging portions of the process for you. In order to get reimbursed, the expenditures you make must be recorded, which means you’ll need written documents to prove how much you spent on each item. The information included in this package contains all of your post-accident medical records from all of your doctor visits. Sometimes, obtaining a copy of these papers and statements might be too costly. Due to the fact that he or she has developed relationships with multiple medical offices and auto repair businesses in your area, your personal injury attorney may be better prepared to handle these document requests and therefore accelerate the document request process.


When you inform an insurance adjuster or a defence attorney that you would be managing your own damages claim, you are almost certainly in over your head. In turn, the other party will be aware that you are eager for money and will be more likely to accept the first settlement offer that comes your way as a result of this. If you don’t know how much your injuries are worth, you’ll be more tempted to accept less compensation than you are entitled to get for them.

Insurance adjusters have a long history of dealing with claims resulting from automobile accidents. A quick cash settlement after an accident is one of the numerous ways that insurance companies might persuade unrepresented injury victims to take less than they are entitled to, for example, before they have the chance to talk with a legal representative. This may seem to be a good option in the days after an accident, when you’ve realised you need the money but aren’t sure how much harm has been done. As a result, you should be sceptical of claims to resolve your case swiftly. The fact that you have hired a lawyer indicates that you are prepared to fight for the compensation you are owed for your injuries, as well as that you are willing to wait for a fair offer rather than taking the first one that comes along.


After a personal injury accident, a civil trial to assess damages may take months or even years, depending on the circumstances of the case. Even if you win a lawsuit, the defendant may choose to appeal the ruling, which would result in a further delay in your settlement. It is possible, however, that the process of settling a case rather than going to trial will take an inordinate amount of time.

This might be the consequence of a defendant attempting to postpone the proceedings in order to put you under financial pressure to accept less money than you are due. Despite the fact that defendants are acting in accordance with the law, the judicial system works slowly. You may benefit from the advise of an attorney on how to haggle with medical care providers while waiting for payment on your claim.

For more information on your legal choices and your right to compensation after a significant injury in a California accident, contact Redkey & Gordon for a free consultation to discover more about your legal options.

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