Get a Discount on Your Next Car Rental

If you’re like many other savvy travelers who want to save a buck where they can, discount car rental option s are the ways to go.

But how do you ensure that you are actually getting the best discount possible? In many cases, the price that you are shown upfront ends up differing from the grand total at the end of the hire period. This is because many companies try to throw in hidden fees and extra costs to lure those in looking for the cheapest deal possible.

The trick to getting a discount on your next car rental is to choose a rental service that really offers the best value for price upfront—with no drastic changes in the final bill. We’re here to assist you in all the things to look out for to ensure you get a true discount with your next car rental.

  1. Airport rentals do come with a discount

Despite the misconception, that airport rental cars are automatically more expensive, the truth is that is often not the case. There are premium discount car rental services that also have agreements with airports and offer a great value to price, in addition to extra convenience in terms of location and collection process. Time is money too, so make sure you factor that in when assessing how valuable the discount really is!

  1. No hidden fees

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again—lookout for those hidden fees! Too many people fall prey to thinking they are actually getting a discount when in fact it ends up being more expensive than other options. Understand all the items you are being charged for upfront and also keep in mind any extra charges that may be given when you return the rental. This will be a huge factor in ensuring the discount is actually a great one for you to consider, or if they are making it look cheaper than it really is.

  1. Insurance options

In addition to the daily hire rate, the best rental car services also have built-in insurance options in case a car accident occurs during your rental period. You can choose from basic to full excess, which determines how much you have to cover the damage. In our experience, always go for the full excess option, even if it is a few dollars more per day. The reason being is that if the car does get hit, you won’t be stuck with a huge bill as a result of trying to save a few bucks.

  1. Route options

Another way to ensure you get a quality discount for your rental car is to ensure that the route you want to take with the rental car is an actual option. Sometimes you may need a one-way rental option, but that may come with an additional charge or in some cases won’t even be an option at all. A true discount is more than just the daily rate cost, it also should factor in the freedom you can have with the rental car and the routes you can take with it. Otherwise, the discount may become more hassle than it is really worth!

  1. Great customer service

Just because you are getting a bargain at price does not mean you should have to sacrifice quality customer service. Another factor to consider with how good a car rental discount really is means understanding how helpful the company will be with any questions, concerns, or assistance you might require.

Getting a discount on a rental car is easy if you choose the right company that has your best interest at heart!

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