Gemballa Avalanche 4×4 Porsche 911 Safari

Driving on the tarmac just isn’t the in thing right now, is it? You see, Crossover and SUV sales are at an all-time high and show little to no signs of slowing down. How many of these vehicles will ever actually see any kind of unpaved path? I am just going to grab a magnifying lens to see a number this small. All jokes aside, going off-road is fun after all, yes ripping up a track is an adrenaline rush like nothing else, but have you ever jumped a Ford Raptor between dunes or drifted your Lancer Evo through a dusty track? Boy! Oh! Boy!

Now, vehicles that are designed to handle tough terrain, and I mean proper tough terrain, are seldom fast and agile enough to warrant any form of hooliganism. But, what if we were to take one of the most iconic sports cars, lift it up by miles, slap on some knobby tires and just terrain proof everything else? Did somebody just get wet dreams that remind you of Group B? Lovely News for you a lot then!

I don’t really know if you have heard of a certain company that goes by the name of Gemballa, and if you haven’t, the short and sweet of it is that it’s the stark opposite of what RUF is to Porsches in the automotive community. Now as you may know RUF has had a stellar reputation pimping out a regular run of the mill Porsches into something that is even more performance-intensive and exquisite. The game plan of Gemballa then is the stark another end of the spectrum as unlike RUF, Gembella believes in putting stilts on the Porsches it can lay its hands on and making them go “Full Rally Mode” on the next dirt track it sees.

Unlike everything “RUF” had recently showcased a similar but much tamer approach to Gemballa in the form of the Rodeo concept which was RUF’s take on building a Porsche 911 that could go a little off track. The Rodeo concept might resemble an older Porsche 911, but it is a completely bespoke vehicle that is based on the RUF CTR Anniversary and SCR models and features a carbon fiber chassis, accessory headlamps, a roof rack, and a bull bar that although might make it a bit competent on a dirt road, don’t do much to make it a rally star. This is where Gemballa steps in with their latest Frankenstein of a vehicle in the form of the Avalanche 4.2 RS which, contrary to popular belief, is slated to go into production. How they are going to do it though, is completely beyond me.

One look at what Gembella is trying to achieve with the Avalanche concept gets your attention for good as the renders that have been brought to the table don’t just showcase a 911 that is slapped with some All-Terrain tires. NO NO NO, The Avalanche 4×4 concept that is dubbed the Avalanche 4.2 RS features a 991.2 911 that has gone to the gym and had whey protein all that while. The Avalanche 4.2 RS features twin air scoops on the roof, some very noticeable Mud Terrain/Knobby tires, an antenna that can be presumed for a CB-Radio setup and a quite noticeable raise in its ride height. The Avalanche 4.2 RS with it’s over the top design does make us wonder if everything would stay the same as the concept or would Gembella have to seriously tame down the design during production. If one pays a little attention to the finer details on the Avalanche, one would notice that quick-release straps can be observed holding down the front and rear bumpers which presumably should be real and help aid roadside repairs on your off-road excursions, but could very well just be aesthetic touches.

The Avalanche 4.2 RS makes any variant of the 911 look puny when putting in front of it due to the sheer amount of presence the vehicle commands. The gigantic spoiler in the rear, quad exhausts, ultrawide fender flares and a stance that could put an RC car to shame does make the Avalanche 4.2 RS appear as the perfect Group B toy for the ones who would be able to afford it. Gambella has not released any info regarding the project apart from the renderings that have made their way to the public which really does leave a lot of details up for speculation since the production of the Avalanche isn’t immediate. Gambella has announced that they are planning on introducing a complete lineup of vehicles in the coming two years and the Avalanche 4.2 RS is definitely one of the front runners in consideration. The Avalanche in the renders might just look a little far fetched as the proportions of certain elements although look particularly means, won’t translate to practical usability in the real world. An added piece of information that might be interesting to all the readers is the fact that the Late Uwe Gemballa’s son is also coming up with an off-road-oriented Porsche via his independent company which is supposedly based on the Porsche 959. Both the companies are currently battling the matter of naming rights in court right now which does indicate that both products might end up head to head with each other.

When somebody envisions a rally-inspired car that is fast, agile and competent over the track, it is most definitely a Subaru WRX STi or a Lancer Evolution and not a 911. Looking at the renders that have been presented by Gemballa, it is safe to that the fruition of an ambitious product like the Avalanche 4.2 RS would most definitely result in a vehicle that could end up as a modern rally icon since the 911 has consistently dominated each and every field it has forayed in. It is a matter of time to see how much the Avalanche impresses us if and when it comes to market since the road to bring this idea from a render to an actual vehicle doesn’t seem like a bed of roses and Gemballa certainly has their work cut out.

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