Garbage Truck Accidents – Why They Should Be a Major Cause For Worry

A garbage truck accident is often a devastating and potentially life-threatening incident. Although a serious issue, it is not taken as seriously as it should be by pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers – including the truck drivers themselves.

Due to the nature of their job, garbage trucks spend the day navigating from one neighborhood to the other, and in the course of their movement, they are prone to accidents that can be quite devastating.

While reversing, an oversight could cause a truck to hit a person, vehicle or building. Also, when trying to change lanes or make a bend at a blind spot, unsuspecting cyclers, pedestrians or drivers could get hit as garbage trucks have problems with blind spots. Sometimes the weight of these trucks also increases the risk of crashes and invariably the number of persons at a risk of being involved in such accidents.

According to, garbage trucks are responsible for a higher number of accidents involving pedestrians than any other vehicle within same area. One must be mindful of such incidents.

In a bid to curb these accidents, safety measures are being put in place by companies in charge of waste collection as well as manufacturers of these trucks, however these accidents still occur. It could be a fault of the truck driver, breach of traffic laws, faulty trucks, or neighborhood setup that could cause the incident.

Regardless of what the causes might be and who might be responsible, it is important for someone who has been involved in such an accident to consult with an attorney who would help with the legal details of the accident, look up the situation and find out if a breach of safety rules had caused the accident and find the person responsible for the accident.

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