Garage Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Value

Some people take a garage as a room to store a vehicle. Others see it as a working area, store, or living area. Renovation can be a great way to improve your home’s value. You may also try rearranging the garage to increase its appeal and attract more prospective buyers. You can learn about methods to improve your garage without going out of your budget, on this website:

Here are the garage updates you should consider to increase the value of your home.

Install an Operational Garage Door

Most homebuyers wouldn’t want a heavy wooden garage door that requires too much effort to open. Hence, installing an automatic door or replacing the old one with a lightweight aluminum one would be best. Consider choosing a garage door in a color that complements the house. You should also install a high-quality garage door lock to keep the room and home safe.

Insulate the Walls and Ceiling

If your garage is attached to your house and you live in an extremely cold or hot area, insulating the ceiling and walls could be a wise idea. Insulation will help you control the climate in the garage and protect your car from harsh weather conditions. You can also insulate the garage door by adding weather stripping on the sides and bottom. The garage door should be well vented to prevent carbon monoxide seepage into the house. It would help to install a carbon monoxide detector to alert you of hazardous conditions.

Declutter the Garage Using a Smart Storage

You can keep some things you don’t use during garage updates but ensure you store them in an organized manner. Leaving the things cluttering all over makes potential buyers think the garage doesn’t have enough space. Consider getting high-quality plastic bins, label them and place them on the shelves. You may also install some heavy-duty wire shelves or purchase some look-alike freestanding shelves that can hold large containers. Then, use the bins to store the things in the garage to make it look neat and spacious.

The Garage Should Have Adequate Lighting

The garage updates should also include the installation of motion-sensitive lights. If you don’t have some yet or are not bright enough, consider contracting an electrician to install them. Prospective homebuyers may find a dark garage unappealing and unsafe.

The Floor Should Have an Easy-to-Clean Finish

It would be best if you painted your floor with an epoxy finish to make it easy for you to clean. If you have a concrete floor, sealing it will prevent staining by oil from the car. Also, the epoxy finish will entice buyers because it is shiny.

Install Some Electrical Outlets

During your garage upgrades, contract an electrician to install some electrical outlets if you don’t have some already. Each car garage should have six electrical outlets, two on each wall. Although you will spend more to install the outlets, it will be a great way to increase your home’s value.

People use garages for different purposes; as an area to store items they no longer use and as a working space. Homebuyers consider the length and condition of the garage before making their minds up about purchasing a house. Consider the above garage upgrades to improve your home’s worth.

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