From Sportswear to A Global Fashion Trend

There are many options of sportswear to consider in the market but some products certainly stand out. The Travis Scott 6 British Khaki is a suede and canvas pair of sneakers by Air Jordan that will be available in the market on 30th of April, 2021. Its Tan colour and bright crimson details bring out the best of the sneaker’s upper. With its stash pouch on the lateral collar and zippered detailing, it looks both elegant and unique.

On its left and right shoe heel, there is a mismatched Cactus Jack and Nike Air branding while the midsole has appealing graphics. Similarly, the outsole, lace lock, and tongue are all adorned with graphics that adds to the aesthetics. The interesting glow-in-the-dark highlights on its sole unit and it’s upper, together with its hairy suede construction make it stand out from other options in the market.

Shoes are not just a sporting footwear today but a fashion statement and the Travis Scott 6 British Khaki is just the pair of sneakers to make that statement. Its design is similar to the previous Medium Olive from 2019.It follows in the footsteps of the valued “Olive” colourway and the Houston Rapper.

Any time you walk along a street or travel on public transport, you will see people who are wearing sneakers. They have grown from being sporting footwear to being one of the most popular fashion statements on the planet.

While sneakers are by no means a new creation, they are far more common now than they once were. People are keen to benefit from the stylish appearance of sneakers as well as the comfort that they provide. This growth in popularity first started during the 1980s. Learn more about Sportswear to A Global Fashion Trend at

Growth in the popularity of sneakers in the 1980s

Although sneakers had been around since late in the 19th century, they first started to become really popular in the 1980s. This was largely due to them being used by sporting superstars like Michael Jordan. Who could forget the famous Air Jordans?

At the same time, sneakers were also being developed for other sports like skateboarding. Despite this expansion in the sneakers market, the footwear was still not as widely popular as it is today. Some of today’s surge in the popularity of sneakers is due to the large numbers of women that are wearing them.

Why women are wearing sneakers more often.

The main reason that women are now wearing sneakers on a regular basis is that they see the opportunity to achieve comfort as well as looking good.

They realize that they can look great without having to stagger around in high heels all day. Whether they are working or socializing, women now regularly chose to wear sneakers on their feet. More sedate designs can be chosen for office wear. Whereas, jewel-encrusted sneakers can be a unique and creative accompaniment to a little black dress.

Brands like Hogan sneakers know how important the latest designs are to the women who wear their sneakers. This is why you see innovation and creativity employed in the creation of Hogan sneakers.

This means that both men and women can wear these sneakers for many different activities, comfortable in the knowledge that they look good, as well as feeling good.

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In summary: Sneakers have been around for well over a century. However, the footwear that we know today is a world away from the original Keds that were the first sneakers created.

These comfortable and durable items of footwear can now also be worn as a fashion statement. Brands like Hogan sneakers create shoes that are colorful and stylish as well as being top quality.

This means that fashion-conscious men and women across the globe are choosing to wear sneakers to help them stand out from the crowd. They wear sneakers during the day at work. Then they swap pairs, to go out with friends in the evening. When those early sneakers first became available for people to wear, few people would have anticipated just how popular this new type of footwear would become. This popularity only seems likely to increase as the sneakers market continues to expand, across the globe.

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