Franchise old days vs now

In a rapidly changing environment, the franchise business has experienced great changes than it was before. You can easily fell that various aspects of franchise are different now.

It is sure that such changes will deeply affect and promote the whole franchise industry.

At this point, you may have a lot of questions to ask or knowledge to be accessed. Let’s try to explain it in a simple manner here.

  • Cooperation modes

An apparent change happened is mainly that of cooperation modes.

Over the past days, lease and associates are prime connected franchise modes among franchisors, franchisees and distributors.

Under this franchise business model, franchisors have to bear risks and the other two parties are asked to pay deposits, operate by themselves and bear the consequences as well.

However, such modes have caused negative impacts and conflicts among the parties. Today, the difference between franchise and cooperative modes generates, they prefer to build up a win-win relationship and work as partners. Benefits and risks are all common issues for them.

  • Franchising models

The evolution of franchising models is also a representative.

Mostly, offline is the main way for franchising. Physical franchise stores are good examples at that time.

With the rapid development of the internet, online franchise business has become increasingly popular. Therefore, a combination of both online and offline has become a common model for a franchise. Also, there are increasing choices of steps to franchise a business.

A great example is setting up a platform for franchising a business, O2O mode, in particular, in which franchisees are provided with more choices.

In this way, not all franchise process must be done on-site. Both franchisors and franchisees earn a great deal of it.

  • Franchise trends

Franchise industry trends have also faced some changes.

Digital franchise stores benefited from the emergence of the internet are the products of its time. The emerging online enterprises, franchise for digital products, software all symbolize that high-tech franchise is the trend nowadays.

In fact, this kind of thing is always changing according to the age we live in. No matter how they changed, it is positive and prosperous towards the industry.

  • Franchise agents

Franchise agents are one of the great changes nowadays.

In the old days, franchisors may do business with franchisees independently, while at present, agents have been wise selections.

With the assistance of them, things of franchise will get more effective and fair than before. Business franchise consultants, franchise organizations and those institutes specialized in franchise researches are all playing major roles in franchise.

  • Localization and globalization

The global trend of economic integration brings advantages for franchise.

International business franchise opportunities are everywhere. For those premium franchise brands, the localized franchise is no longer their target as before. Globalization is attractive to them, which also brings great benefits.

Meanwhile, great capitals are the main characteristics of franchise systems. Globalization not only means they enjoy a higher success rate and large profits. These are all strong factors for potential franchisees all over the world.

To draw a conclusion, an ever-changing world means there are various franchise changes. The age is developing, so as the franchise industry. Only when we accept and discover positive changes can we do our jobs well when invest in franchise business.

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