Four Reasons Your Financial Situation Could Be Driving You To Addiction

Addiction is a common problem in society at present. It affects an awful lot of people, from those suffering to those loved ones around them. You only need to look at the headlines each day to get an idea of the magnitude of the opioid crisis in the USA or how alcohol is gripping hold of people all over the planet.

The latter is one of the most common problems globally, with people turning to alcohol for a variety of reasons. Often financial situations can be a major driving factor behind addiction for a variety of reasons, with alcohol rehab often one of the only ways out, something that many with financial problems wrongly believe they cannot afford.

But why does our financial situation often play such a big part in driving people down a route of addiction?

Escaping Reality

One of the most common reasons is that people are looking to escape the reality of their situation. Money problems can cause all manner of stress and while people know the answer can’t be found at the bottom of a glass, it’s used as a temporary escape, but one that eventually becomes permanent and very difficult to get out of.

People look to alcohol to essentially numb the mind to forget about the bills and debts they may have going on in their life, but in truth spending money on alcohol and not thinking clearly as a result is only going to lead down a more difficult path.

Loss of Control

Financial instability often goes hand in hand with losing control over one’s life. Not being able to manage expenses and seeing debts mount can lead to a real sense of powerlessness and in an attempt to try and regain control of some elements of their life, turning to addictive behaviours acts as that.

While they may provide that fleeting sense of control, it will only worsen the situation, damaging budgets and leading to higher levels of anxiety the morning after. It’s much better to seek help in order to try and regain control over finances rather than continuing to be involved in this dangerous cycle.

Social Isolation

Being unable to afford activities may result in people withdrawing from friendship groups. That can be for several reasons whether it being the lack of affordability or the embarrassment that many often feel because that is the case.

To fill that void, people look to the likes of alcohol as a substitution for social connection or escape. However, actually reaching out to friends and loved ones for support is actually the best medicine.

Poor Mental Health

Finally, the relationship between financial stress and mental health is well known. It can lead to anxiety, depression and many other mental health issues. For many, turning to self medication and alcohol feels like the answer, when really it should be seeking a medical professional.

In fact, in all cases mentioned above, seeking counselling and therapy is a much more effective way to take control of both your financial situation and what that’s leading to. There are plenty of options out there, with plenty of free access for those that are struggling. So don’t delay, get your life back on track and reach out to the people who can help.

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