Four legit ways to get gift cards

Today opportunities for gift cards are displayed all over the internet. It’s not a task anymore, getting the best offers using simple platforms. Gift cards are equivalent to getting cash as you can purchase and enjoy free services.  The gift card factor is common among companies that provide users with surveys to complete. The surveys help brands and companies improve on their products and services and have a proper marketing strategy. You can use several apps to get gift cards. They offer good deals if you’re willing to invest your time.

Gift cards are commonly provided by completing offers through official shopping portals and cashbacks. However, there are other legit and quick ways to get gift cards. Surveys are effective methods to earn gift cards; you can also earn points from taking surveys.  Companies offer survey takers different products and gifts after they complete the survey. In most cases, the survey website is available for U.S citizens to help in market research.

The survey website requires some personal details during registration to base their survey on demographic information. Gift cards are also earned through online games and creating video advertisings jobs or through referral programs.  These works when you refer a friend, or they create an account using your referral link. You will earn some credit or gift cards according to the number of friends you refer to. In these articles, we focus on Apps that you can use to get free gift cards

Best app for gift cards

Online survey websites are the best way to earn free gift cards.  You require to invest some time and fill the questionnaire to get the reward.

  1. InboxDollars

Ranking among the top best app InboxDollars is the right place to spare time for exclusive gifts. The app lets you gain credibility and earn gift cards by completing surveys, watching TV, and playing games.  The app has a limit on gift offers; you need to accumulate $30 credit before withdrawing. However, the app provides the user with a $5 bonus for signing up and an extra$5 when you refer a friend to the website. The app gives 30% of the friend’s future earning, which accelerates your earning.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks a popular website and is loved by many survey takers globally. The website has a generous offer that is unique and helps you earn fast.  Swagbucks surveys website doesn’t just provide gifts and cash for the surveys. They offer gifts if one shops through the official portal and watch specific videos. The points earned are called Swagbucks, and once they are enough, now you can use them for different rewards.  The gift cards are presented by know and big companies such as Amazon, Nike, and other retailers.  They also pay through PayPal or give charity donations; the app redeems rewards at fair low value. You don’t have to wait for long before accumulating a considerable amount of rewards.  Swagbucks offers users a $5 bonus for signing up and provide more points in the first two months. It’s the best app to get free hassle-free gift cards.

  1. Toluna

Toluna is a mobile compatible app that is easily installed on Google play store and App store.  The app is popular among many survey takers. You can earn money to help you get gift cards by taking polls. They also provide an online survey in which you can easily register and give your opinion. Toluna has a lot in their gift basket from money, gift cards, sweepstakes, and prizes.  The app offers gifts such as Groupon, overstock, banana republic, etc.

  1. Cash crate

Add to your earning with the Cash rate app it’s one of the best apps offering gift cards.  The website has been there for a long time. They have various methods to earn from the app, complete surveys, play games, and watch TV to earn points.

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