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Native-English-Speaking Tutors Make Learning a Breeze

English is a Germanic language of the Indo-European family, strongly influenced by French and Latin. Fluency in English can be a strong asset for anyone looking to get ahead in school or their career or hoping to enjoy travel. English carries a number of idiosyncrasies that make picking up the language, particularly as an adult, challenging. Get detailed information about the best way to improve your English speaking skills, on this website: https://eastavenuebooks.com

Currently, over 1.5 billion people in the world speak English with an additional billion in the process of learning it. It’s listed as an official language in 67 countries world wide, including: India, the Philippines, and Singapore. English is the unofficial language of tourism, commerce, and even the internet, making it a “lingua franca” (a commonly shared language speakers can use when they each have different native tongues).

Whether for professional or personal interests, learning English from a native speaker can help you achieve proficiency quickly and economically.

Why Is English Language Acquisition So Challenging?

Picking up English as a foreign language can provide you with a diverse range  of  advantages and opportunities, but it’s an infamously difficult task, especially for those learning later in life. English phonology, or the system of contrastive relationships amongst sounds in the language,  is riddled with irregularities. These date back to The Great Vowel Shift, which saw the pronunciation of vowels change situationally, particularly in the “ea” sound. For example: “head” and  “heat” are pronounced differently despite being phonetically similar, while “steak” and “streak” don’t rhyme, though on paper it seems like they should. On top of this, English features between 40-50 distinct sounds with over 200 ways that these sounds can be written out. These irregularities feature in around 25% of English words, with that 25% composed of words common to day-to-day interactions.

The English language has a vast vocabulary, loaded with synonyms or near-synonyms. While this abundance of words has enabled renowned literary and cultural works, a learner will face challenges such as discerning the differences between “fine”, which could mean, “okay,” “narrow,” “a monetary fee”, or “light, or of high quality”.

Many of English’s idiosyncrasies are best conveyed through a native English speaking tutor, who is privy to the subtle nuances of the language, and is able to draw on a longstanding cultural immersion. A native English speaking private tutor can help you navigate these technicalities, and learn not only how to pronounce words correctly.

Pick up English Fluency Quickly and Easily.

English fluency is a skill coveted by multinational and domestic corporations, especially today. By picking up English as a second language, you’ll be investing in yourself and your career. Professionally, adding English to your resume will make you a stronger candidate for almost any position. Not only will you demonstrate to your clients and employers  commitment, work-ethic, and adaptability, but you’ll be prioritizing  the ability to better communicate  with others. And it’s true; English is the unofficial language of business, with the BBC reporting that international businesses often choose to work only in English, despite being situated in countries whose listed official language isn’t English.

Outside of professional interests, learning English can open doors to travel, connect with people worldwide, and unlock cultural works for you to enjoy. Proficiency in English means you can enjoy books, films, music and plays in their untranslated, unadulterated original form. As a “lingua franca,” English fluency means you can travel to almost any country and still find someone to speak with. All kinds of new  avenues are available to those who spend the time and resources to pick up English as their second language. You can start your journey towards linguistic mastery with a native English speaker today, with the experienced, professional tutors over at Eurekly.com.

Find the Perfect English Teacher for You.

Adult students starting their English journey can be daunted by the range of options available to them. A classroom environment can be appealing, and while it offers an immersive environment for students to learn, adult students may find classes too slow paced or time consuming. In-person tutors are another solid option for students in mastering pronunciation but are oftentimes outside of a beginners price range. The web features a number of language based apps, and while they can be useful to supplement daily practice, they lack the practical speaking and tutoring experience which is so important for a beginner.

Students should also take into account the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) when picking a method of learning. The TOEFL is commonly required by programs and jobs as a standardized method to judge an individual’s level of English proficiency. The TOEFL requires specific prep in order for takers to excel, even if they are generally proficient in the language.  A native English speaking private online tutor can help a student be attuned to the nuances of the TOEFL test and properly showcase their skills to potential employers.

Online private tutoring allows students to select a tutor that fits their learning style, and study at a pace that’s best for them. Students will be able to choose between a native English speaker, who can help them with pronunciation and cultural education,  or a bilingual speaker, who has first hand experiences learning English as a foreign language.

Try Eurekly’s Online English Tutors…For Free!

For beginner adult English students, look no further than Eurekly.com. Eurekly offers hundreds of bilingual and native English speaking tutors. Many of Eurekly’s tutors even offer free trial lessons, so prospective students can search for and find mentorship that fits their learning needs. Students will be able to progress at a speed that fits their personal and professional needs, and at a price they can afford. Each tutor on Eurekly is a vetted professional, and with prices as low as $5 a session, there’s no excuse to not begin your journey to English fluency today!

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