FIXD vs. BlueDriver Comparison: Which is Better

Without going to an auto center, you can identify the condition of your cars. This is not kidding; yes, it’s possible to know your car diagnostic report on your phone. Car maintenance tools make miracles. Fixd and BlueDriver is a kind of device which connects to your car through an OBD2 port. I have heard about those two devices from my car frick friends. He suggested that I use a scanning tool device for my car.

Before buying, I do a little research on different types of scanning tools on the internet. From my research, I found Fixd & BlueDriver more attractive than its competitor. In this passage, I am going to make a detailed comparison about Fixd Vs. Bluedriver. I hope after going through this comparison, you will decide to pick the right tools for your car maintenance.

FIXD vs. BlueDriver Comparison Chart

Before buying a scanning tool, you should understand all the technical overview of a product. The comparison chart of Fixd Vs. BlueDriver is below. Have a glance.

FeaturesBlueDriver Fixd
Customer Rating4.6/54.1/5
Product Dimensions2.2″ x 1.9″ x 1″1.5″ x 0.5″ x 1.8″
Item Weight2.08oz0.96oz
Abs, Airbag CodesYesYes
Engine, Transmission CodesYesYes
Car MonitorNoYes
Money-back Guarantee180 Days90 Days
Warranty1 Year1 Year

FIXD Overview

Fixd is considered a second-generation scanning tool. It works with a combination of application and a device. The device works to diagnose a car’s health report, and with the software, it delivers the report. Actually, this is a hardware and software combo device. Tech students invented it in late 2014.

After hardware makes a report on your vehicle’s condition, the application helps to recode it and shows it on screen. This gadget can give you a solution on how to fix the error. It can read the error message and deliver it in the proper language.

Fixd can notify you about your car maintenance schedule. If you set the time, it will give you a notification on time. However, Fixd can turn your car into a smart car. You do not need to be concerned about the condition of your car. If any wrong things happened, it would give you a report instantly.

Features of Fixd

Fixd scanning tools come with a lot of features. The most noticeable features are discussed below.


Fixd Scanner has the latest Bluetooth technology. This can be connected with android and iOS devices. You only need the application on your device. You will get all the notifications on your phone screen instead of the scanner screen. So if you want to exhibit the notification on a large screen, you need a wider screen device. The Fixd scanner device connects to your phone over Bluetooth instantly.

Number of vehicle systems covered.

The Fixd scanner tools only can scan the engine system of your car. This device is designed to scan your car engine system especially. This device can discover the issue of why your engine light is on. It will deliver the real issue of your engine health through BlueTooth. Besides, it will tell you how this issue has an impact on your car health. This Fixd Scanner device can help you with car repair issues.


This OBD2 scanner is compatible with all the OBD2 protocols. The mobile application is supported both in the android and iOS operating systems.  This application can smoothly work with your phone. If the connection of your device lasted for one day, it requires quick attention.

Number of vehicles scanned simultaneously.

Fixd Scanner can connect five vehicles at a time. You can use this scanner in all your family member’s cars simultaneously. And you can monitor all the cars from your phone. Because of these feathers, this scanner is convenient for mechanics.

BlueDriver Overview

BlueDriver is a scanner tool with the latest technology.  These OBD2 scanner tools can tell you the cause of the error of your dashboard light. This scanner is considered an advanced-level scanner tool with lots of features. This is one of the leading scanning tools that allows you to read your car’s health information on all the platforms.

BlueDriver is an updated scanner tool suited for any kind of vehicle from 1996 to recent models. This scanner tool is cost-effective, easy to operate, and has unique functionality. Professional engineers develop this Scanner as an advanced-level scanner tool.

BlueDriver scanner tools can read the error code and give you further direction to repair your car. This device is suitable for android and Apple devices and has a good performance. The best part of BlueDriver is that it generates your problem and delivers it in plain English to understand better.


With lots of advanced features, this BlueDriver scanner tool has a positive user review. The main features of this scanner are listed below. Have a glance.


BlueDriver scanning tools have the latest technology of Bluetooth. This device is connected and works with your phone through BlueTooth. You will find the application for all the platforms  like android and iOS. This feature gives you to see the report of your car’s health on a large screen. And it is more convenient and easy to see the reports of your car’s health whenever you want.

Number of vehicle systems covered.

This device gives you an advanced collection of features. It can connect with many vehicles’ systems along with airbags, ABS systems, climate control, and many other things. It can give you several types of reports of specific systems in a particular report. BlueDriver devices are updated regularly, so you will always get in touch with all the latest technology and features.


This BlueDriver scanner tool has great compatibility with lots of cars. It is mainly compatible with all OBD2 protocols. This device is a perfect suit for different types of brand cars. Like Ford, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, hONDA, Chrysler. This quality is the cause for the well-knownness of this device among people.

Number of vehicles scanned simultaneously.

This BlueDriver scanning tool can scan and diagnose reports for one car at a time. It is not built to perform with multiple cars simultaneously.

FIXD vs. BlueDriver Comparison: Which is Better

Both BlueDriver and Fixd come with great facilities. It’s really confusing to choose the correct one. Before you buy scanner tools, make sure about your needs. Depending on your need and criteria, you should choose your scanner. Those who fulfill all your criteria should choose that one.

Before buying scanner tools, you should consider many things. The scanner’s price, the number of vehicles supported, and many other things. If you want to use the scanner device with multiple cars, you should pick the Fixd Scanner tools. And if you want to diagnose your car with all the latest technology, you should pick BlueDriver.

Which one is Better? The question of this answer depends on your need because all those devices have good quality and durability.

Final Verdict

Using Car diagnosis tools on your car is not a matter of luxury. It’s become an essential part of your cars. Because you need to know all the technical details about your car when it’s running, this device works as a precautionary tool to save your cars from a big danger.

Fixd Vs. BlueDriver comparison gives you a detailed concept about those tools. And helps to pick the right scanning tools for your car maintenance.


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