Fix it or Nix it – Decide Whether You Should Repair or Replace Your BBQ Grill?

Your BBQ grill has prepared many delicious meals for you and your family throughout the years. From specialized event barbeques to delightful summer cookouts, your BBQ grill has been a trustworthy essential when it comes to cooking some finger-licking grilled meat, veggies and more.

Sadly, just like any other home appliance, BBQ grills are also prone to wear and tear. Even if you invest in the top products, they’re still susceptible to damage. When your good ol’ grill fails to provide the desirable results, you have to either repair it or replace altogether.

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Decide Whether You Should Repair or Replace Your BBQ Grill

There are many signs that could specify that your appliance is either damaged or broken. First and most importantly, when you observe changes in results or notice that your grill isn’t cooking your food the same way it did in the past, it may be the right time to know the cause and find the solution.

Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore

We’ve listed some of the most common symptoms that need your immediate attention:

  • Uneven flame
  • Gas leakage
  • Unusual large flames from the sides
  • A lot of smoke
  • Unusual flame color (yellow/orange)
  • Hoses crack
  • Uneven heat distribution
  • Damaged tubes
  • Inadequate temperature
  • Dirt and debris
  • Irreparable exterior damage
  • Other gas/burner issues

In case your BBQ grill is confronting with any of the above-listed issues or any other problems that lower down its performance, you should thoroughly check your appliance to know the cause. In many cases, all your appliance needs is a replacement of a certain part while in others you have to replace the whole appliance.

Average Life Expectancy of a BBQ Grill

On an average, people dispose of their BBQ grills just after 3-4 years of purchasing it. However, the fact is, a good-quality BBQ grill can last much longer than that with the condition that you pay attention to its timely maintenance and care. In fact, a BBQ grill can last roughly between 15-20 years subject to the care the owner takes in maintaining their appliance.

One of the ways you can prevent wear and tear of your expensive BBQ grill is to get it checked by the professional appliance repair technicians from time to time so that there’s less buildup of dirt and grease. Also, timely handling of minor gas and burner issues can extend the life expectancy of your grill. Make sure that you also follow certain steps to make your appliance last longer. For instance, you can clean it before and after your cooking session and replace broken or damaged parts on time.

Why You Should Consider Repairing Before Replacing Your Grill?

Before throwing away your old appliance and purchasing a new one, make sure you take the repairing factor in account to save money. For this, you have to first weigh the cost of repair. If the repairing cost outweighs the price of a new purchase, it obviously doesn’t make any sense to opt for a repair. However, if the repair cost is substantially lower than the price of a new product, you should always give the fixing factor a go. Also, considering the hefty price tag associated to the brand-new BBQ grills, repair is certainly the wise decision.

Finding the Right Replacement Parts

Apart from assessing your appliance for damage, it’s also important to look for the right replacement parts. Make sure you select the best appliance repair company that guarantees foolproof results in good price. Also, ask about the availability of your required replacement parts to avoid the hassle. Once you know the technician you have chosen is reliable enough, holds all the necessary parts and is capable enough to do the repair, you should make a deal. Keep in mind, never repair your BBQ grill if the technician isn’t recommending it as there are cases when the damage done is beyond repair. In that case, you should opt for a quick replacement instead of repair.

If there’s no other way except for getting your BBQ grill replaced, make sure that you consider your budget first and shop around to find the most suitable options. Try to look for the best match in the product range your favorite brand offers. BTU’s and assembling are also important factors that need your consideration before buying a new product. Lastly, go through the warranty and any other special features linked with the product.

These simple and effective tips will help you determine whether or not you should opt for the replacement of your old BBQ grill. Just be certain to look for the right appliance repair company to get your damaged appliance checked before you purchase the new one as it will help you save a lot in terms of money and time, both!

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