Five Reasons You Should Schedule an Appointment with a Pain Management Specialist

Because most people experience pain occasionally, it can be hard to tell when pain requires medical attention. Usually, pains and aches occur because of temporary factors and tend to disappear on their own. However, many people have to live with chronic pain and do not realize how a pain management specialist in Old Bridge can help them. So, how exactly should you know it is time to see a specialist for your pain?

If Your Pain Persists with a Certain Motion

If you experience pain every time you make a certain movement, it may be time to see a pain doctor and know what’s causing it. A doctor will pinpoint where the pain is located and originating using selective nerve-root blocking and pain mapping methods. After you collect sufficient information on what’s going on inside your body, they can create a customized course of treatment to alleviate your pain.

You Find It Difficult to Perform Daily Movements

Sometimes, the pain will naturally reduce over time. But, if your pain seems to decrease, you must go to a pain management specialist to get the right treatment. An injury can debilitate the normal range of motion. However, if you suffer from long-term debilitating pain that you cannot perform daily activities, it is no longer normal and must be checked.

You Experience Radiating Pain

When your pain starts to radiate through your limb or entire body, it is time to see a pain management expert. However, you should also look for signs such as numbness and tingling, which indicate severe problems that a doctor must address. Radiating pain and unusual sensations could mean you have a pinched nerve or herniated disc.

You Have Been Dependent on Pain Medication

Perhaps you have been able to manage your pain with medication. However, did you know that depending on pain medication is not healthy? Long-term use of pain medication could lead to further body damage and compromise your quality of life. Your pain specialist will provide different treatment options with fewer side effects than the majority of pain medications.

You Cannot Sleep Properly

If your pain prevents you from getting a goodnight’s sleep, it is considered severe because a lack of sleep can negatively affect your health. Whether your pain keeps you up at night or wakes you up frequently, then you must schedule an appointment with a pain management specialist.

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