Five Puppy Training Myths

If you are new to puppy parenthood and you want to make sure that you get the best tips before you start the training process, you are in the right place. There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to things you can do and can’t do when training a puppy, or even a full grown dog. In this article, I am going to talk about the different myths with puppy training. While almost anyone is capable of training a dog, it can be very difficult to do. If you are unable to train your new pup, you can find Puppy training in Houston and your pup will be trained in no time. Now, let’s talk about those training myths.

Regarding the dog’s name. You might think that you have to call the dog by the name it already has when you adopt it, but that isn’t the case. Dogs are very adaptive creatures and if you continue to call it by something, the dog will eventually respond to it as it’s name. So, even if you are adopting a dog that is older and has had a name for a while, you can still transfer his or her mindset over to the new name fairly easily.

When the puppy starts to bite, you should never pop him or scold him for biting. Most puppies go through a stage where they will bite, this does not mean that he is an evil dog or that he is trying to hurt you, he is teething. You need to find him a chew toy that he can bite on instead of you. If you scold the dog for biting or chewing on you, he will become angry with you, or he will become afraid of you and teaching him will be a lot harder in the future.

Just because your pup listens to your rules at home doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need training. Dogs will often become familiar with the way things work around the house, but if you take him to a friend’s home, he might treat it like the dog part. You need to make sure that he is aware that rules stick around no matter where he is. Dogs are a lot like children, they need constant reminders to be on their best behaviors, but after a few trips he will learn.

Some people think that you can only train your puppy if it is older than 6 months. But this is not the case. You can start training puppies very early, and actually it will help everyone involved if you do. Again, dogs are a lot like children and puppies can learn a lot in the early stages of their lives. You can start house training them early and they will catch on quickly, this is because they haven’t had the time to learn other places to use the bathroom. So, if you have a small pup, start training them now.

Lastly, your dog is not going to ignore you if you train him with treats. Treats are a good way to get your puppy to open up to the idea of what you are teaching, but they are not going to expect a treat anytime the action is done. If they do a trick, they might expect a treat from you. But if they are performing a basic task like going to their bed, they won’t expect anything.

But again, if you find it hard to train your pup, you can find Puppy training in Houston, and your problems will soon be solved.

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