Five major reasons to call heater repair in Tomball, TX!

The heating needs in each place are growing with each passing day, and so many latest types of models are released every day with increased efficiency. Though you own the latest and efficient type of heater, it gets repaired at a point in time due to wear and tear. It not only stresses the family members but affects the complete comfort of the place. The thought of spending so much on having a high-efficient heater installed and being left shivering in the middle of cold winters is stressful.

Stressing such issues instead of finding a prevention or solution is not smart work. Yes, these kinds of issues can be prevented in advance with many maintenance and tips. But before that, one should understand the cause of heater repair Tomball, TX. What is the reason for heater failure? Where did it go wrong? What is the mistake from the homeowner’s side? To make sure all of these are given, below is the list of five major problems caused by the heater.

Poor maintenance:

Most heaters get repaired due to the very common reason of poor maintenance service. Every technician would have mentioned having yearly maintenance service at least once. As the spring or summer arrives, one would not turn on the heater till next winter. This left new heater can get immensely filled with dirt. Like a blower or heat exchanger, every component of the heater cannot work properly when stuck excessively with dirt. It may prevent the blower from failing and for the heat exchanger to work inefficiently. A dirty blower can also lead to a malfunctioned heat exchanger.

The next component that can affect the heater’s overall operation being itself accumulated and affected with dirt is the air filter. A dirty or blocked air filter can affect the normal airflow, resulting in the issue getting worse, for which replacing the filter every month is advised. A dirty flame sensor could not be lit with a lack of tuning. Being unused for a longer period can also cause the burners not to work efficiently.

Such issues are the main reasons for your furnace not turning on, which are caused mainly due to lack of maintenance. It may sometimes result in a sudden breakdown, where you have to call for heater repair Tomball, TX.

Thermostat problems:

The most-reported problem with the heater is the thermostat issues. Any improperly set temperature or poorly working thermostat can cause heating troubles. But the poor heaters are blamed for it. The main function of a thermostat is to adjust and regulate the temperature. Being updated with the latest designs, many thermostats are more efficient, operating themselves offering reliable work. With time, however, it requires repair or replacement. A programmable thermostat is more efficient and can be programmed for days, nights, and weekly. A wrong program or poor batteries can cause thermostat problems mostly which can be repaired with technicians.

Blower capacitor issues:

You might have noticed a large battery-like component in your furnace, which is the blower capacitor. As soon as the thermostat is started for the furnace to run, the blower capacitor starts to work. The blower motor cannot achieve proper RPM if the tolerance level is very low than the specified level. The blower would not start at all when it’s completely dead. Replacing the blower capacitor with a new one solves the issue.

Low refrigerant level:

If you have a heat pump and the refrigerant used to heat air is low, then it could cause a sudden rise in energy bills with poor efficiency. This problem is left unchecked for a long time and can result in the compressor breakdown with overheating. And thus, any heat strips noticed frequently and sudden bill rise is alerted, checking the refrigerant level and increasing it. One can prevent leaks from increasing refrigerants or simply replacing the compressor.

Duct leaks:

It is well-known for every homeowner that the hot air is supplied and distributed all through the place via the duct system. Any leak in it due to cracks can cause improper airflow leading to affected efficiency. The optimum temperature cannot be obtained even with continuous usage leading to increased utility bills. An improper installation may also cause this issue which needs to be addressed by a technician.

It is also important to hire a trustworthy HVAC technician to have the best heater services in Tomball, TX. Contact Wrightway Comfort for the best heater installation and maintenance services.

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