Five benefits of LMS integrations for your organization

LMS integrations help you to move data between systems, automate tasks, gain access to integrated reporting, and many more. These reports play a huge role in designing effective training programs. They help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of your team and customers. You can also make strategic and mostly accurate decisions in identifying training gaps and creating personalized learning paths for each individual. You can learn about various types of learning management systems you can try for your online studies, on this website:

Although every basic LMS helps in progress tracking and performance management, LMS integrations can drastically improve the overall functionality. An integrated LMS also provides a better learning experience for learners and automates many tasks which can decrease the burden of the L&D professionals.

As your business expands, there is a high need to be on par with the latest technologies to remain competitive in the market. However, it sometimes gets hard to choose an integration that aligns with the goals of your organization. eLearning Industry is a platform where you can find, choose and compare different Microsoft office 365 LMS integration providers

Choosing the right LMS integration can provide you with many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1)Automates many tasks:

LMS integrations help your L&D teams to automate many of their mundane and repetitive tasks. There are many LMS integrations ranging from CRM software to video conferencing platforms. All of these can help your L&D team streamline many of their tasks.

While accessing all the data from different systems, your backend developers don’t need to sign in individually as they are able to sign on once. This helps to reduce time and effort as many tasks are automated. It also helps to collaborate with instructional designers, track course sales, and identify customer service issues.

2)Better employee performance:

It gives an overview of each learner’s performance which allows you to create a customized training plan which can boost employee performance. An LMS integration can automatically add new employees to the training program and make sure that they receive training. This will reduce the time it takes them to adjust within the company which can help them reach their full potential.

3)Improves customer services and sales:

LMS integrations that involve a customer relationship management(CRM) system improves customer service stats. They can make the company product or service-related learning available to customers as part of the sales process. For example, you could share product fact sheets with prospects at a certain stage in the buying journey, or a setup tutorial with customers who have bought your product. This can improve sales and customer service performance in the long run.

4)Less possibility for human errors:

At times it becomes very hard to maintain all the data when working with multiple business systems. Regular data syncing and one-off migration processes can prove to be tedious tasks.

LMS integrations can help you prevent data input errors and breaches. For instance, you don’t have to upload or manually enter the user data for every platform. the software automatically syncs to track the performance. This makes the admins retrieve the information.

5)Facilitate team collaborations:

LMS integrations can help your team collaborate more effectively. Integration with the video conferencing platforms provides a familiar environment for interactive and engaging learning events.

Team members can access the new calendars to know about the new tasks and meetings so that everyone is on the same page. By practicing this, you provide a one-stop social environment where everyone participates and effective learning takes place.


There are many new features popping up every now and then, each integration will bring some benefits to the organization. So try to integrate your existing LMS to reap the maximum benefits of the ever-emerging technology.

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