Five 2022 Design Trends To Make You Relax At Home

Our home is our safe space and it’s so important to have one that you can truly relax in.

Today, there are so many things that are causing us anguish and stress, from work to the current economic client, or even the likes of addiction in which levels are higher than ever before. And while addiction help is available, you don’t want to be coming home to a space in which you can’t relax, or it’s just going to trigger a relapse. You can learn about the impact of interior designing and painting in your house, on this website:

Therefore there are a range of reasons why a relaxing space is completely necessary, from serious to less so, but what are the design trends that can truly make you relax?

Keep the palette neutral

Bright colours can be a little to loud on the eyes, so by keeping the colours neutral, you not only set a great base to build on, but also create more calming vibes around the place.

Texture can be used to create a little more interest, while subtle patterns and variations of fabrics can also add to that. Shades of warmth can then build upon that, including the likes of faded yellows, tans and golds to add a little flavour to the room.

Utilise candles

Candles are amazing for your mental health and the look and scent of them can really calm the mood of a room down.

They create a lovely ambience and really calm the mind, as well as adding flickers of colour to the backdrop of a neutral environment.

Work with natural light

If you have plenty of natural light coming into your room, work with it and optimise the amount of vitamin D you’re getting.

A bright and well lit room is much more inviting and maximising that glow during the day is ideal for relaxation. Then, come nightfall, work with light that creates a more cosy and warm atmosphere, with gentle lights and nothing too harsh.

Plants, plants, plants

Plants are amazing for around the house and are scientifically proven to improve mood. That could be flowers on the table or dozens of houseplants dotted around your living spaces.

It brings nature indoors and of course plants are great for purifying the air too, making your home a much more refreshing place to be too.

Display family photos

Reminiscing on happy times and taking yourself to more pleasant places through imagery of friends and family are a good way to improve the mood and add a bit of character to a home.

Happy memories are a simple addition that can really add warmth to a home, as well as providing you with the comfort you need to relax and improve your mood.

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