FIFA World Cup: Referee Slammed for ‘Disaster’ Performance

Croatian media have heavily criticized FIFA and the referee Daniele Orsato following their semifinal defeat to the Netherlands.

The Croatian press today has been very vocal in its criticism of both FIFA and the referee for Croatia’s 3-0 defeat to Argentina in the World Cup semi final in Qatar 2022. While acknowledging that Lionel Messi and co were the better sides on the night, they insist that Orsato’s poor decisions led to their downfall.

The Croatian press is furious with referee Daniele Orsato and FIFA following their country’s elimination from the FIFA World Cup at the hands of Argentina. Messi’s penalty in the first half was enough to send La Albiceleste to the final, despite Julian Alvarez scoring twice for Croatia late.

Alvarez was fouled by Dominik Livakovic, the goalkeeper for Croatia, as he moved out of the area to retrieve the ball, earning a penalty kick.

Luka Modric, the key player for Real Madrid and Croatia, was visibly upset with the officiating after the game, saying: “Orsato is one of the worst, a disaster! The penalty destroyed us.”

Several Croatian news outlets, including Vecernji, shared Modric’s postgame thoughts, stating, “The Croatian national team lost 3-0 to Argentina, but who knows what would have happened if Italian referee Orsato hadn’t made a serious mistake in deciding the penalty for the Gauchos.”

However, the most popular scapegoat seems to be FIFA itself, with many accusing world football’s governing body of rigging the match in favor of Argentina.

Another outlet, Jutarnji admits that “Argentina were better” but insists: “Look how FIFA favours Messi, and do you know who was the VAR referee? We will ask ourselves a thousand times if this is how it had to end, if the concentration had to be the worst just in the semifinal, if Orsato has been our executioner coincidentally like his compatriot Massimiliano Irrati in Moscow (at the 2018 World Cup),” the newspaper says.

Nothing has been on our side. Neither the circumstances, nor, unfortunately, the Ardent’s play, the worst in this tournament, because, be that as it may, we have conceded goals we shouldn’t have and we have to admit it,” says Jutarnji.

Novak Djokovic, “one of the best of all time” and a professional tennis player, offered his congratulations to Dejan Lovren and Luka Modric and “the whole team on another brilliant championship” in a video posted on the Ardents’ official website.

Despite the loss, the newspaper reports that thousands of fans “wiped away their tears and organised a party” in Zagreb’s public squares while watching the game on giant screens.

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