Features to Check When Looking for a Retail Space in Del Mar

Del Mar is a beautiful beach city in southern California, 100 miles south of Los Angeles. While boasting incredible ocean views and a fantastic climate, its strong demographics with healthy office and residential populations makes Del Mar novel for retailers.

The Californian city is close to the 16th priciest retail corridor in the Western Hemisphere and offers an upscale living environment. Typically, lifestyle-type retailers get drawn to Del Mar, allowing it to command the region’s highest rents.

If you wish to have a thriving retail business in this beach town, you need a sophisticated Del Mar office space in a neighborhood that’s close to your customer base. An experienced rental expert will show you units that are modern, coastal workplaces genuinely intertwined into the lively beach community. Here are a few top features you need to check when looking for retail space in Del Mar.

Right Size with a Perfect Floor Plan

Considering Del Mar’s retail trade, 31% of the establishments are apparel-based, and 9% deal with sporting accessories.

Leading professionals present about 1,900 square feet size units that work perfectly as a retail space. Look for unique floor plans, best suitable for retail ideas like wine bars, which are businesses with high demand in Del Mar.

Substantial Expansion Prospects

Food-based outlets employ only a small share of 4%, but restaurants have become the largest draw in the area.

If you wish to have a Del Mar office space for your expanding retail business, it makes sense to check with the experts for the expansion potential in the rental unit. Industry leaders present lease options with an expansive outdoor area that you can utilize in the future to accommodate your growing business demands.

Multi-story Direct Access Walk-up

Though Del Mar’s top rental providers might offer you rental space for your retail shop on one floor, see if you can directly access other available units in the building.

Leading consultants offer 2k to 4k square feet units; look for the right space that you can use for back-office support or managing different facets of your retail business.

Modern Aesthetics with White Interiors and Light-wood Sides

The North County San Diego presents an ideal climate for the low-density softwood Deodar Cedar tree growth. It is heat and drought-tolerant, which keeps the rental interior comfortable throughout the year and offers a modern aesthetic appeal to the retail space.

Confirm if the top consultants provide white interiors with such light-wood sides. Wood will provide adequate insulation, and the white color will allow you to showcase your retail business offerings to your clientele in a more appealing way.

Creative Retail Space with Elevated Open Ceilings and Operable Windows

While food makes up for 7% of Del Mar’s total retail trades, furniture constitutes 4%. On the other hand, Del Mar village presents about 20 retail showrooms that include apparel, deli, jewelry and books boutique.

When you have your retail outlet in such sectors, a bright workspace is an added advantage.

Del Mar presents over 260 sunny days, ensuring the experts make the best of it and offer innovative features like elevated open ceilings and operable windows. Such attributes create an excellent impression about your brand and attract more customers over time.

Excellent Storage Facility

Del Mar is home to over 400 top retail companies with more than 10k employees. The list includes general merchandise and superstores, consumer electronics, home centers and hardware stores.

If your retail store deals with similar inventory and has a large workforce, you need adequate storage space to manage your assets and resources. Check if the rental area has a prolific storage facility that can accommodate your employees’ possessions like surfboards, to show you care for them. if you’re looking for ways to make your office space look bigger and uncluttered, it’s in your best interest to contact the best paper shredding company in California. By ensuring that unnecessary piles of papers are shredded on a regular basis, you’ll maintain a clean working space. This also shows you care for your employees and that you’re invested in their wellbeing, since a tidy workplace leads to higher productivity and efficiency levels. It also reduces stress and minimizes safety hazard risks.

Excellent Parking Facility

Del Mar’s leading rental providers recommend having surface parking at four spaces for every 1,000 square feet. Ensure the lease area offers abundant space for parking customer and employee vehicles.

And with the City Council setting the EVC Fee as $0.35 for the first three hours and $0.70 after that, there is a drastic increase in electric vehicles in the beach town. Check if the rental providers include multiple electric cars charging stations in the package for both customers’ and employees’ convenience.

Final Words

The California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program Round Two opened recently to support retail outlets and small businesses, like those in Del Mar. On the other hand, the beach city’s top rental providers offer lease spaces with adequate protection to handle COVID-19, like social distancing design plans and exterior entries.

If you want the perfect location and premises for your retail business, consult an experienced professional to narrow down on the right Del Mar Office space. With access to promising grants and the right retail ecosystem, you are sure to achieve record-breaking profit margins from your retail outlet in Del Mar for years together.

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