Features of DU Recorder & its benefits

DU Screen Recorder is an application for screen recording for both pc and android. By using this application, you will be able to record high-quality videos of what is going on in your pc or android screen. This can be recording your video games playing, live streaming, video sharing, chatting, recording any tutorial, etc. You will also be able to record your working process as a tutorial for your students or your youtube channel.

This application will help you edit videos also. You will be able to edit any videos by using a DU screen recorder. This application can be used from both pc and android. If you want to use DU Screen Recorder for PC, then Get it for PC. By using DU Screen Recorder for PC, you will be able to record and sharing any of your activities.

How to Download and Install DU Recorder for PC

If you want to use the DU screen recorder, you will need to use the Android Emulator application. Android Emulator application is an application for PC, which enables Android based apps to use in PC format. Bluestacks Emulator is such an application that helps to use android based apps to PC.


Now follow the below instructions to use DU recorder for your PC.

  1. Download & install Android Emulator apps for PC (Bluestacks): First, download and install an Android Emulator app to your PC.
  2. Sign In to your Gmail account: To download and install the DU Screen Recorder to your PC or Android from Google Play Store, you will need to sign in to the Gmail account to access Google Play Store.
  3. Go to Google Play Store: After signing in to your Gmail account, go back to the Android Emulator and click the search icon.
  4. Search for DU Recorder: Click on the search bar and search for DU Recorder. Then after showing this app, download and install it.
  5. Open DU Recorder: After download and install DU Screen Recorder Successfully, go to your all apps (Android Emulator) and open the DU Recorder.

Advanced Features of DU Recorder

DU screen recorder is a free application for both Android and PC. This app won’t show any Ads, No Root Needed. You can record unlimitedly and with high quality: 1080p, 12mbps, 60fps. Some advanced features of DU Screen Recorder are:

Screen Recording

DU Screen Recorder is an advanced level application for recording screen with the free version. It helps with Stable and Fluid Screen Recording with no leaks and misconnection. By using this Screen recorder app, you can record any of your activities through mobile or PC. You will be able to record Video Game playing style, Video Calls, Presentation for your students, etc. If you are a YouTuber, then this app is beneficial for you too. Some advanced features of DU Recorder for Screen Recording are:

  • Variety of resolutions up to 1080p HD quality. Frame Rates and Bit Rates are available
  • Pause and Resume the recording
  • Recording from the front camera
  • Screen record controlling system through Window and Notification Bar
  • Click highlighting during the recording
  • Shake to stop the recording process
  • Manual memory location setup for saving screen record video
  • Gif making
  • Live to stream

Video Editor

DU screen recorder has advanced features to edit videos. It has a lot of video editing features, which helps customize any videos. Some advanced benefits for video editing by DU recorder are:

  • Removing any part of the video
  • Trim the video
  • Combining multiple videos into one
  • Adding any extra background music
  • Removing video sound
  • Customization of the volume of video
  • Adding Subtitles
  • Adding Intro and Outro
  • Adding a background picture to vertical video
  • Speed customization of video
  • Rotate video
  • Resizing video
  • Converting video to GIF

Live Streaming

DU recorder is also helpful for live video streaming. You can share or create any live video streaming by using this application. You will be able to live streaming your gameplay to show your skills. You will be able to take any online class or give an interview by using this DU screen recorder. Some important features of DU screen recorder for live streaming are:

  • Broadcast Resolution Setting
  • Privacy level setting for live streaming
  • Live streaming audience comments
  • You will be able to use the front camera during the live streaming
  • Streaming with high quality
  • You will be able to use some popular live-streaming tools; Enjoy Many YouTube for better live streaming, Donations, Subscription and donation goals, Message Robot, etc.

With all of the advanced features, the DU screen recorder is a free and high-quality app for both PC and Android. This app helps to record high-quality, smooth screen videos.

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