Fatal Car Accident Statistics in Bakersfield, CA

A beautiful city in Kern County, California, Bakersfield is known for its contribution to country music. The ninth-most populous city in California has plenty of parks, with many residents living in their own homes.

But sadly, Bakersfield has its troubles with car accidents. And they’re pretty concerning, especially with the rise of car accidents where victims lose their lives.

If you have lost a loved one, get in touch with a Bakersfield fatal car accident attorney. With their assistance, you can get all the help you need for a successful car accident claim.

Yes, a lawyer may be important, but there are ways one can completely avoid car accidents. One way to raise awareness is by staying informed of the fatal car accident statistics in Bakersfield. These statistics help the average driver stay alert while behind the wheel, as inattention has poor consequences.

Here are five crucial car accident statistics from 2021 where victims lost their lives.

1. There were 60 fatal car accidents in 2021

The number of fatal car accidents in 2021 was the highest in three years. Bakersfield saw 32 fatal accidents in 2018, 37 in 2019, and 54 in 2020. The three-year high of 60 fatal car accidents tells us that drivers are not learning from mistakes and are continuing to repeat them.

2. 65 people lost their lives in car accidents

This is a scary number, as it is the highest in three years, just like the number of fatal car accidents. 65 people losing their lives due to completely avoidable reasons is just sad and unforgivable.

The families of the victims can seek compensation from the parties liable for the car accident. But they will need the assistance of a lawyer, as it is very difficult to concentrate on pursuing the victims legally in their current emotional state.

3. 32 pedestrians were victims of car accidents

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable people on the road. They have zero defense when it comes to accidents, be it cars, motorcycles, or even bicycles. As a result, their fatality chances are incredibly high. Even if they do manage to survive the accident, they will have to cope with the injuries for a while.

4. 134 people were involved in fatal car accidents

Over a hundred people being involved in car accidents, that too fatal ones, shows how prevalent they are. Yes, the fatalities aren’t as high, but that doesn’t hide the fact that over 60 people almost died or had to watch someone die.

fatal car accidents

The survivors of fatal car accidents often end up suffering intense emotional trauma. Conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD are commonly seen in survivors.

5. 92 vehicles were damaged in fatal car accidents

Although not as valuable as a human life, vehicle damage does have its disadvantages. A wrecked vehicle can cause a lot of inconvenience, especially if the victim or their family relied on it as a means of income. If the wrecked vehicle was the only one in the family, transportation troubles may arise as well.

However, victims can recover the money they spent on fixing or repairing the damaged car with the help of an experienced car accident lawyer. Things like jewelry and smartphones also fall under the category of property and can be recovered as well.


Losing someone in a car accident is a horrible and tragic event. Unfortunately, some families are forced to go through this due to inattentive or reckless drivers.

Survivors of car accident victims must seek legal help to acquire compensation. It may not bring back the lost life, but it will certainly help victims get back on the road to recovery.

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