FAQ on Usage of Feather Flags for Business Promotion

There are many modes of conventional marketing, which business owners and marketers tend to use for their brand and event promos. Among these, feather flags are identified as one of the best options to add a more professional touch to your brand events. As a result, you can see feather flags are being used widely at storefronts, trade shows, hotels, clubs, conventional centers, and many other such places.

You can find various types of feather flags, which you can do the custom printing with your log or business message. With advanced printing technologies, it is possible to print anything, including photos and graphics on onto any imaginable surfaces, with feather flags being no exception. For those who plan to make custom feather flags for business promotion, we will discuss a few frequently asked questions and expert answers.

Feather flats frequent asked questions

What is the difference between a feather flag and a blade flag?

There are many questions people ask when it comes to choosing custom flags for events. People used to get confused about which one is a better choice among the custom feather flags, teardrop flags, etc. As we can see, feather flags are basically for advertising, which has a feather shape making them more elegant and wind-resistant. These are also known as feather banners. There are various other options for customizing feather flags as flag banners, swooper flags, etc.

Along with feather flags, teardrop flags are also very popular. These are in the shape of a teardrop with a narrow top and a sider bottom. This unique shape makes these flags an ideal advertising space. However, teardrop flags are fundamentally the same as feather flags and also serve the same purpose. Therefore, based on your imagination and the need in hand, you can think of any possible shapes for feather flags.

What is an ideal material choice for advertising feather flags?

You need to choose top-quality materials to give your flags an elegant and professional finish. Most of them who do not compromise on the quality of the material now tend to choose the 4 oz. Polyester fabric is highly durable. These are lightweight too, and your flag may have only 110 gm of weight. Polyester is a synthetic material that can last for a long and is ideal for outdoor use too. While installed properly, the light breeze acting on your polyester flag will create a classic wavy effect, which is eye pleasing.

How long can we use feather flags?

Feather flags can last for a long based on the material used and the maintenance you do. Sometimes, your objective is to install permanent flags outside your business space or storefront. In those cases, you need to use top-notch materials. While installed outdoors, your flag may be exposed to harmful UV rays and heavy rain, wind, and snow, which may damage it over time. An average lifespan of a good quality polyester feather flag maybe three to five years.

While made with quality and cared for regularly, feather flags can offer you optimum return on investment and result for a long.

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