Expenses in a Singapore preschool

While offering a strong educational foundation for kids, childcare comes at a cost. Here are the expenses you are going to face if you enroll your child in a Singapore preschool.

1. Registration fee

Registration fee is a single payment you make upon enrolling the child in the daycare centre. Depending on the Singapore preschool you choose, the fee may reach up to $100.

2. Mattress covers

Upon registration, you will be asked to buy 2 mattress covers, which will cost you around $18. This ensures your child sleeps on his/her own linens that haven’t been used before, being potentially subject to wear and tear and damage. They are brand-new, providing your child with the best sleeping experience.

3. Uniform

Uniform is an important element of a preschool. It plays several roles. For one, it is an identification mark of the institution, a distinct style that sets apart the preschool from other organizations of its kind. This helps develop a sense of identity, belonging and pride in children attending the daycare centre. Kids will also feel like a united team fighting for common goals, which reduces the risks of conflicts and negative competition.

In addition, a similar uniform worn by all children ensures that no discrepancies of class and wealth are visible, which can make some kids feel inferior. Thus, children will be equally motivated to learn and grow. You will be asked to purchase several sets of uniforms upon registration, which range in price depending on the preschool you choose.

4. Monthly fee

A premium Singapore preschool charges from $1000 to $2000 per month. This fee includes the educators’ work, meals and access to facilities and supplies. Luckily for parents, this cost is partially subsidized by the government. There is the Basic Subsidy that applies to all daycare institutions and all families with children. The infant full-day care will be subsidized with up to $600 per month. Toddler parents will receive $300 monthly.

Another type of subsidy is the Additional Childcare Subsidy that is oriented on working mothers and mothers who are looking for a job. They will be granted $710 per month if they use an infant full-day daycare. For toddlers attending a full-day preschool, the government help will reach $467. It is worth-mentioning that families with an income exceeding $12000 per month are not eligible for the help.

The monthly fee may also be subsidized by the employer. To understand how it works, you have to know that there are two types of preschools in Singapore: workplace and non-workplace. The workplace daycare is in the closest vicinity to the mother’s office. It means that she can easily visit her child without wasting much time on the road and losing precious energy she could invest in completing company tasks.

Employers have to benefit a lot from a workplace daycare, as they keep the female employees more focused on work and less concerned about their kids. Also, it is a way to motivate talented specialists, who are staying at home caring for their children, to get employed. That’s why, employers are more than happy to subsidize the monthly fee for workplace preschools.

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