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Among the highest trading platforms, Exness is the one forum that has provided an easy-to-operate platform with multiple benefits. It offers many advantages for new traders and professional traders with multi bonuses on various time periods.

The platform has about twenty-five percent of user growth each three month period. We will be discussing all the Exness bonuses you can get through the Exness platform as a trader, so keep on scrolling and learn more. Trust me, all of them will result in being quite beneficial for you.

Bonus for new traders

The platform provides new users with an Exness bonus within the initial period of signing up on the forum. This is known as the welcome bonus. In order to collect it, all you need to do is simply register through a real account with the help of a broker.

This bonus can also be known as the sign-up bonus. These bonuses provide about 10% of the mortgage bonus within the trading center. This also provides a profit and net deposit as well.

The overall net deposit is a basic margin between the deposited funds and the amount you have invested in your trading. The invested amount must be within the satisfied account connected to your Exness account.

With one gaining the benefits from the bonuses, the brokers are also involved once you register on the website. Therefore, you need to make sure to be connected with the broker in order to gain the benefits from the financial conduct authority, also known as the FCA.

The sign-up bonuses are also region-based, so the number of benefits regarding the bonus can differ from place to place with additional taxes. These bonuses are just a way for Exness to provide the users with additional benefits. The user also has a significant advantage of choosing their brokers as well.

The broker must be forex-based before the account creation to gain the best deals ever. However, the users need to make sure that their account is legit, as the demo accounts do not have access to welcome bonuses.

Referral bonus

The platform provides bonuses for the users that are already registered within the account on it. This bonus is known as the referral bonus. Any user that has registered on the platform for more than two months can easily gain profits from this bonus. The only condition to enjoy these bonuses is to have an actual account that is connected to a forex broker.

The traders who opt for partnership programs can also gain benefits from the referral bonus as it includes the broker programs and other affiliated programs.

Through this bonus, the traders can easily have about 40% of benefits within the broker revenue on any active trader profile. This can work on both trade and commission.

If you are a trader who is interested in the affiliate program, the referral bonuses can help you gain more profits on low investments.

Broker bonuses

This kind of bonus is for consistent traders on the platform. It is a gift for being a loyal customer of the forum. This bonus is provided to accounts having certified brokers. The traders who are up for bonus programs can also gain access to this bonus. The only condition is the presence of a broker on the account.

Promotions and other rewards

In addition to bonuses, there are other promotional benefits and rewards given to the users by the platform. These bonuses are exclusive for these certified users in order to have a better experience on the platform and gain more profits as a trader.

Following are some of the phases of promotions for the traders on the platform.

  1. The first phase of the trading promotions is on the beginner level. This is where the traders do not have much information regarding the support system and benefits of the platform, which is why it provides a short amount of bonuses.
  2. The second phase is regarding the elite promotions where the users are much used to the platform. This is where they gain more profits than the first preferred entry-level bonus. At this stage, the users get a personalized user interface for another service like additional support and account managers.
  3. The third and last phase would be the signature phase; this is where the users can get the premium services as they have all the information regarding the platform as well as the experience. Moreover, this is where you can get the best promotional benefits as well.


To conclude all the above-given information, Exness seems to be a very user-friendly platform that provides multiple benefits for both existing users as well as newcomers.

This means that users can get more trading options and benefits with a lower level of investments. Furthermore, this platform also provides the users with needed help regarding the FCA other taxation schemes.

If you’re someone who’s interested in this, don’t forget to sign up. However , make sure to hire a broker first.

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