Everything to know about the Prolia class-action lawsuit

There are still so many people who are not aware of the Prolia treatment and the side effects associated with it. Some people have even considered the side effect as part of the illness and not the medication side effect. However, some people have come up with notable drawbacks due to prolia class action and hence have even filed a case against the manufacturer. The lawsuit has been filed for it for which many people even looked up to the lawyer to get the right compensation.

Dealing with side effects of Prolia:

Prolia is one of the prominent treatments that doctor advises to deal with the postmenopausal osteoporosis. So far, it has certainly managed to offer some of the best results. But since the medicine has quite a heavy dose of some strong ingredients, people have noticed some remarkable changes too. To be precise, these changes were the negative effects that the body started showing. As per the evidence that has been gathered so far, the Prolia increased the risk of femur fracture, hip fracture, and even bone fractures. It also resulted in trauma events though not much.

What exactly is Prolia?

Not many people are aware of this drug but it is one incredible option to deal with osteoporosis issues. This medicine was introduced in the year 2010 and since then it has gained quite a demand. This was one of the finest drugs that FDA had approved for treating the problems associated with osteoporosis like postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Previously, it was the Alendronate that was used as an effective drug to deal with such problems. This was introduced in the year 1995 and had even the huge risk of bone fractures. Some even complained about not standing firmly. Due to this FDA decided to publish the warnings on the label stating that the medicine has some sudden bone fracture chances too.

To be precise, Prolia works in improving the bone mass amongst the patients who usually become the victim of cancer. Some doctors advise it with other medication while it can be consumed alone as well. Prolia class action is a part of drugs such as Endocrine, Antineoplastics, and Monoclonal Antibodies to name some. There is still no clarity on whether Prolia is an effective option and safe for kids who are younger than 4 years of age or not.

The possible side effects of Prolia:

There are some notable drawbacks of Prolia that cannot be ignored. Because, if ignored, it can increase the chances of health risk and sometimes may even result in death. Talking of which some of the effects are:

  • Unusual pain in thigh
  • Dry skin
  • Severe pain in joints or bones
  • Peeling skin

The status of the Prolia Lawsuit:

There has been quite a demand for drug lawyers to fight the case against Prolia medicine as many people got badly affected due to this medicine. Talking about the lawsuit, well it was filed against the manufacturer who failed to warn about the potential risk that was associated with it. Besides, there were the product liability lawyers who were appointed to do a further evaluation on the same.

Since this medicine was introduced as an osteoporosis treatment, certainly it is one of the finest options till the time there were no side effects that it had been showing. Later this drug was even approved by the FDA. However, when the consumer started complaining about the risk of bone fractures, things changed later. As per the group of public citizens, there were some serious issues with Prolia side effects in the year 2009. This was the year when the medicine was not even approved or sold.

However, by the year 2012, Amgen and Health Canada then released a statement stating the Prolia has been causing prominent side effects. This included the bone fracture. It even later generated an altar to the users of Canada who were at high risk of atypical femur fractures or trauma to the thigh bone.


Post the complaint was filed, there was quite the warning that started being published on Prolia which was then sold in Europe. Amgen later advised the US consumers of Prolia not to be warned of the same and started selling in the US and Canada. Due to this, the manufacturer of the drug who did not warn about the fracture problems, the lawyers of prolia class action then evaluated whether the users should be getting any compensation through the lawsuit of product liability.

To seek the free consultation and even claim for the evaluation to understand whether any of the loved ones from the family needs the financial compensation through the lawsuit against Prolia, there have been potential lawyers who came up with an approach to fight the case.

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