Essential Tools for Every Homeowner

There are a lot of problems, which can be solved easily if you have the right tool and know how to use it. Being a homeowner. rather than calling maintenance services which will cost you a lot, one should have an essential or basic toolkit to get it right- like broken cabinets, leaking hose, loosen nuts, etc.

So which what are the best tools that you should be considering for your tool kit? Below is the list of essential tools that can be very useful.


There are many types of screwdrivers, but for the usage of basic home repairs, two screwdrivers are considered. One is cross slot screwdrivers (having four sections on his head) and the other one is Flathead screwdriver. there are also multiheaded screwdrivers which can be used depending on the requirement.


There are different types of wrenches, for starter you should have Allen wrench and an adjustable wrench. Every wrench is used for different application for example Allen wrench is mostly used in furniture and others are used for the fastening of loosening nuts. Crescent wrench or adjustable wrench is very important because the size can adjust by adjusting jaws with its screw. Different sizes form 1-20 are used commonly, for basic repair one should have a range of 10-15.


Pliers are very handy tools, used to hold protests immovably. They are additionally helpful for twisting and compacting a wide scope of materials. There are varieties of Pliers according to their purpose, but for starter needle nose, slip joint and cutting pliers should be used. The purpose of needle-nose and slip-joint pliers is to hold any object firmly and cutting pliers are used to cut wires or strips.

Utility knife

Utility Knife is used for general purpose, it has a sharp edge which gives accurate cutting. Utility Knife comes in foldable one and retractable. It depends on the work you are going to do and the material you are cutting, for example, if you are cutting a box a retractable. The blade will be ideal in this condition and if you are drafting something then a variable length blade will do the work.

Electric drills

Electric drills are used for piercing, mostly in walls, wood, and metal. For common home applications it can be used to drill screws in the wall (for hanging purpose) or drilling screws in doors or window hinges e.t.c. there are two types, one with 220 volt attached with wire and the other is a 12-volt cordless drill. A cordless drill is a good option because of its portable characteristics. There are many drill bits or different sizes and for different materials, which can be adjusted on the drill.

Having a basic tool kit can solve common repairs at your home, if you are confident enough that you can tackle the problem, otherwise call for professional help.

Hand Saw

When it comes to cutting wood for home repairs hand saw is very helpful. There are many types of saw. Mainly are Machine-saw and manual saw. Handsaw falls in the category of manual, and there are varieties of hand-saw, for a starter it is good to have rip cut hand saw for home.

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