Erectile Dysfunction Can Become a Nightmare for You: Here’s how

Erectile dysfunction is becoming one of the most concerning disorders in men these days. Previously it was thought that erectile dysfunction was only limited to older men due to age. But over the last two decades there have been numerous instances of erectile dysfunction being reported in young to middle-aged men as well. So it is quite clear that age is not the only detrimental factor behind this disorder. There are other factors too which cause this problem.

Stated in simple words it is a disorder where your penis is unable to become erect due to external sexual stimulus. Some men also complain about the inability to maintain this erection for longer periods. This can lead to lack of sexual drive a total loss in the interest to have some romantic moments with your partner in bed. Also as a side effect, your body may start suffering from other disorders like digestive problems, circulatory system problems, etc. If you are suffering from psychological disorders like stress and anxiety it could further aggravate them. With so many complications arising out of one particular disorder, it is fair to say that erectile dysfunction if not treated properly may soon become a nightmare for you. Otherwise it’s effect on other health problem, you have to choose proper way of treatment. You can use cenforce 100mg tablets and reduce your male dysfunction problem. You If you want to know why read this article till the end.

Major factors which cause erectile dysfunction

Lifestyle factors

We are so much consumed in our activities in our everyday life like things related to our jobs, business other household activities that we do not have time to enjoy a peaceful time with our friends and family. Not only this, but it also hampered with our sleep and marriage life. We also keep avoiding important things like going for a morning walk, doing exercises, etc. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, poor vision etc are some of the diseases caused due to stress and anxiety. Erectile Dysfunction is not an exception to this.

Bad habits

Smoking and drinking are very common among men these days. Starting from youths to middle-aged men if you ask them to have a cigarette or have a beer party with friends they won’t refuse you. It has almost gone to a level of addiction in us. We all know cigarettes and drinking cause affects our heart and liver the most. Well, it also affects our nervous system and hormonal system. Erectile dysfunction is also caused due to excessive drinking and smoking.

Bad food habits

Our diet is one of the major factors behind keep us healthy both physically and mentally. But unfortunately, we are slowly diverting our eating habits from having a balanced diet to an unhealthy diet. We have become quite used to having those canned or packaged foods which are ready to eat. These foods have preservatives and other chemicals which affect our body. Junk foods like cakes, pizzas, soft drinks contain high amounts of carbohydrates and fats which could be the cause of obesity. You will be shocked to learn that erectile dysfunction is directly related to this.

How erectile dysfunction affects our marriage and sexual life

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major factors why newlywed couples are not able to enjoy their married life. Due to erectile dysfunction men are not able to have sex as a result of which they start behaving in a peculiar way. Due to shyness they are unable to discuss such intricate matters with their wives and start ignoring their wives and even do not communicate with them. These husbands start living separately and by this time their marriage life is in total ruins as quarrels are quite common.

The wives seeing such uncommon behaviour start to blame themselves as not attractive enough and return to their own parent’s house. Divorce follows soon after. The main problem here is that most of the males are not strong enough to discuss the problem with their female partners and even if the male partner does so the female partner does not like listening to them.

How Erectile Dysfunction increases our stress and anxiety

It is quite clear that if a newlywed couple is not able to lead a romantic life then they would be affected mentally. As a human, if you are not able to have sex it directly affects our mental stress and anxiety and changes the hormonal pattern within our body. While having sex our body releases dopamine and oxytocin hormone which gives us pleasure and we enjoy such moments. Not having sex means none of these hormones gets released which gives us a sad and feeling bored. This will further increase the problem of erectile dysfunction.

This happens because as we are suffering from depression and anxiety our brain does not sends signals properly to the penis and also due to hormonal imbalance less testosterone is released due to which we have reduced sex drives.

How erectile dysfunction causes other disorders in our body

Erectile dysfunctions cause other problems in our body like-

  • Regular headaches
  • Pain in bones and joints
  • Digestive problems
  • Vision-related problems
  • Dizziness
  • Circulatory system problems

The main reason is that behind this is that erectile dysfunction problem increases the stress and anxiety, results in irregular heartbeat and thus reduced blood flow. If you are suffering from other pre-existing diseases like diabetes, cardiac-related problems, cholesterol and obesity it can also aggravate those disorders. One of the main reasons is stress and anxiety which is the indirect cause behind most of the diseases.

How to avoid or check erectile dysfunction

The best method is to go for treatment. Having healthy food habits and lifestyle habits like regular exercises and reducing smoking and alcohol intake can help in treating erectile dysfunction. You can also vidalista 60mg tadalafil generic medication.

Major Takeaways

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction already you by now you must have understood that it can not only ruin the sexual and married life but it can also fuel some life-threatening diseases. So it is better to go for a natural way of treatment to reduce side-effects. One of the major things is to keep stress and anxiety levels in check.

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