Enhance Your Dining Area with The Right Dining Table Design

When it comes to styling your dining room area, it turns a little tricky. You want to fit in extra dining room chairs, but perhaps the construction of the table, as well as the size of the room, do not allow. And it is where when you end up getting annoyed! While setting up your dining room, you need to style your dining table very wisely. Your dining table is always the spotlight of your dining room. It is where you find all the happenings taking place. You laugh with your family and friends, share jokes, love having your favourite dishes, and also sometimes breaking down when you are on an emotionally high note.

But sometimes, these things can get way too congested and shabby if dining room tables are not styled properly. Construction material, as well as the size of the table, matters the most.

Here are the things to keep in mind, just in case if you are all blank about styling your dining area:

  • The shape of the dining table matters

We know your eyebrows were knitted together in half in confusion and another half in amusement. But yes, the shape of your dining table does matter. Consider your room to be rectangular, and you have bought for your room a small four-seater round dining set. Since it would sit in your room, inappropriately, leaving much space behind on one end and not on the other, it is a big no-no to put the round piece of dining furniture in your room. Round dining room table sets would just fit perfect for a square room. Leaving an equal amount of space in your place.

If your room is large enough, you can certainly place a rectangular dining room table or dining room table sets in them. However, this is not the case with small rooms.

  • What dining tables have to do with size, dearie?

Sometimes, despite your dining room table grabbing all the attention for setting a style statement, you cannot stop gnawing off whenever you sit on the table. Why is that? The size of the table in your small room makes it suffocating? Yes, the size of the table matters a lot. Whenever you decide to buy a beautiful set of dining room chairs and the table, grab an inch tape or any other measuring tape and set yourself to business. Measure the length, width as well as the height of the table. Also, measure the area where you are going to place it. After you have done so, it will be easier for you to buy the dining room table sets for your room.

It is wise to buy a dining table smaller than the size of the area where you are going to place it. Always leave at least 3 feet space around the table to avoid your room looking congested. It will be easy to pull out the chairs and sit down comfortably.

  • The material of the dining table also makes a difference


  • Wood

Widely popular, wooden dining tables are affordable enough to prop in most of the dining rooms. Wooden dining tables easily match with the design of your dining room. Pine, mango, or teak, you can choose dining tables made up of the most exceptional quality of wood. Although when buying a dining table of wood, keep in mind that the wood contracts and expands in different seasons.

  • Glass

Glass dining table sets are famous for being stylish and trendy. Although the glass tables are the most beautiful ones to look at, they are not an intelligent choice when it comes to their maintenance in a home that has several kids. Glass is prone to breakage and scratches. You need to maintain your dining table very cautiously. The plus side of the glass table is that glass tables give liveliness and to your home and also can produce a feeling of openness. It also adds up to the luxurious interiors.

  • Stone

Stone tabletops are beautiful, yet they can be vulnerable to scratches or cracks, depending upon what kind of stone it is. They can be very heavy as well. So if you are someone who likes to move their furniture every now and then, it is a strict no-no. Stone dining room tables are generally costly, depending upon the type of stone used in it. Yet, these tables do set a classy look and play the A-game to the point. Whether it’s a small brunch with your few pals or an informal meeting for a small group, the stone dining table leaves a good impression on all your guests.

Next time when you plan to buy a brand new dining table for your home, do keep it’s construction, size, shape as well as the material it is made up of in mind and then see how the table does magic to your dining room after the wise choice!

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