Employees Monitoring Software Myths You Shouldn’t Trust

Wanting to improve your organization’s profitability isn’t a bad thing. Every company owner in the world wants to grow their business, and in order to do that they must improve their workforce.

There are plenty of ways to increase employee productivity, engagement and output, however, today we’ll speak about one – that is employees monitoring software.

Even though the benefits of such software are undeniable, people still have doubts about it. The reasons for doubts are quite rational, as they rely on the way business owners lead their companies. If you’re an ethical leader, your employees won’t fear the monitoring software, however, if you’re a micromanager you can definitely expect them to be scared.

In any case, the unethical use of computer monitoring software gave birth to quite a few myths about employee monitoring, so we’ve decided to take 3 which are most common and explain why they’re wrong.

Myth 1: Employee Monitoring is Intrusive

It can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Tracking software is used to protect company’s sensitive data, as well as to increase employees’ productivity. There are software options which are heavily security oriented, and those which are more focused on productivity.

With security software, you can expect features like screen recording, keystroke logger, even remote control. One could argue that these can be intrusive, while others claim they are a necessity for every business that wants to secure the data it has.

Either way, we’re back at square one – it depends on the way you’re using the software. Most security monitors will allow you to set up exact hours when you want the computers to be tracked, so you don’t track during employees’ private time. Additionally, some of them have the option of only tracking specific apps and websites, etc.

Myth 2: Employees Don’t Benefit From Monitoring

There isn’t much truth in this, because the employers aren’t the only ones who benefit from increased productivity. More productivity means progress, and it’s easier for employees to get promoted, learn new skills, as well as increase grades on their appraisals.

Additionally, if you have an option to allow your employees to see the data you’re collecting – give them that access. They can monitor their own activities, see how much time they spend (un)productively, and create plans to change their behaviour to better.

Some software even serve as time and attendance tools, so every employee is always fairly compensated for the hours they’ve put in – overtime or not.

Myth 3: Employee Monitoring Creates a Culture of Distrust

It doesn’t have to. We’re back talking about the ways you’re using your computer monitoring software. If you implement it in secret, and the word gets out – of course your employees will be distrustful towards you. Not to mention that such practice is in most cases illegal.

If you notify your employees in advance, explain the reasons why you want to implement the software, provide them with data access, and talk to them regularly about their performance, you shouldn’t fear they will stop trusting you.

This myth can also be broken depending on your reasons for software implementation. If you’re acquiring it so you can gain deeper insight into your employees’ work and create improvement strategies – you have nothing to fear. Consequently, if you’re just looking to micromanage every move your team makes, you won’t get very far.

Wrap Up

Why should you care what your employees think about the software you’re installing? Well, if they believe any of the abovementioned myths are true, their morale will go down quickly. Such an atmosphere will further cause them to become less motivated, and engaged. In the end, they’ll start leaving your company. In this case, the use of employee monitoring software is counterintuitive and a complete waste of resources.

Take as much time as your employees need to explain every benefit of the software to them. Don’t just focus on your needs, focus on theirs as well. It’s the best way to convince them how good the software will be for everyone.

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