Driver Safety Report of 2018 claimed that more than 50 billion US dollars have been invested in the recovery from the accidents. That includes health care services and car repair expenses. Another publication claimed that road accidents have been one of the most dangerous issues around the globe. From simple injuries to fatal accidents including death, the intensity of accidents can vary. Insurance companies have been found discussing the most frequent cause of the claim is a road accident that is due to the negligence of the driver and sometimes as a victim to other’s negligence. EZlicence came up with a solution where experts help you to learn and drive car-following rules and regulations to keep you safe.

Following are some of the basic and essential rules that are guided by driving experts and must be followed by hook or by crook:

  1. Blind Spots- Root Cause Of Incidents

Roadside accidents and car crash are more often observed due to improper visibility. Most commonly this happens with the cars near a truck and large vehicles are too close to them as large vehicles are more prone to blind spots. Experts explain that this is an issue that can be easily reduced by following a simple rule to maintain a single lane and avoid shifting lanes unnecessarily. If you adopt a habit to look into a side mirror every ten to fifteen seconds, there are lesser chances to meet. Chances of incidents are high if you are the person to shift lanes, especially on highways. This is not only dangerous for yourself, but it also has the potential to cause accidents to the nearby people of the walkway.

  1. Control Speed and Avoid Over-Speeding

The majority of road accidents are reported as a consequence of over speeding that is solely an intentional act of irresponsibility. However, one of the basic but essential rules for driving is controlling your car speed. Around the globe, speed control boards are displayed that are intended to instruct the maximum speed limit of the car but unfortunately, this signboard is highly ignored and neglected by many of us and ends up either getting billed for violation or getting into an incident. The rule to follow here is to maintain the speed limit and avoid speeding. Following this rule will get you two benefits, no violation bill neither the chances of incidents.

  1. Maintain Distance as a Safety Precaution

Keep a safe distance, we all have heard but while driving a car, we try to shift lanes as we see in science fiction movies but in reality, this is dangerous and we know that. Another essential rule to follow while driving a car is to maintain a safe distance. You must stay at a distance where you can see the road behind the car and if you want to switch your lane than an indicator is a must before you start shifting the lane as the car behind you may know about your move and maintain the distance between the cars. This will eventually help to reduce the potential for an accident.

  1. Reduce Distractions Around You

It is often discussed that distraction has always been the cause of many issues and if we talk about road accidents then utilization of mobile phones has been the foremost issue having fatal incidents. If you want yourself to be safe then you have to avoid distractions by all means. Avoid using mobile phones and if it is necessary to use then park your car on a side and use it because your negligence can be fatal to other people as well. Nevertheless, distraction may happen because of posters and signboards but that is an unintentional distraction and a human cannot control it, we all can channelize our distractions to stay safe.

  1. Pay Attention to The Signs And Signals

The signboards displayed are placed to maintain the road and driving protocol of the city as all of them have a message that has to be understood and followed. Signboards like speed control boards are for maintaining certain speed limits and diverging signboard has its meaning. If you follow a simple rule of following the signboards then there are high chances that you are safe from any unforeseen mishap that may affect you, your family and people around. Many institutes are sharing the knowledge where you can learn the meanings of these signboards, and it is better to understand before going through a life-threatening situation.


If we summarize the above-mentioned rules, a life-threatening situation occurs when you are not following the rules and regulations defined by the law of the state as they are planned and presented for the benefits of the people. If you adopt the habit of following rules then the chances of fatal incidences reduce up to 85%, the remaining 15% chances are due to people around where you can claim that it was not your mistake. Even life insurance companies have been observed claiming that the majority of the incidents take place due to violation of the road safety rule. Therefore we need to understand the gravity of following the driving rules to drive safely and responsibly.

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