Eat healthier and tastier cookies


Who doesn’t like a good cookie? They are perfect after a good meal, as a midday snack, or honestly at any point of the day. They are just portable enough for any hour and scrumptious enough for any moment.

However, cookies aren’t always the healthiest of snacks around. That said, delicious and healthy don’t have to go separate ways, so if you want to know how to indulge with peace of mind, keep reading.

Handmade cookies are the way to go

The issue with most foods doesn’t lie in the meal itself; few recipes can be considered truly unhealthy. The problem with snacks usually lies with buying processed food.

Opening a foil wrapper and eating away is practical of course, there’s a reason why malls are so packed with them. But processed foods need to add many questionable ingredients to extend their shelf life.

On top of that even without taking into account preservatives, there’s another major issue: Bought food prioritizes taste over nutrition, that’s how they guarantee sales.

In short, you can eat healthy cookies that still taste good, but to do so you need to go away from the mall. Handmade cookies are the way to go, any other alternatives just won’t be balanced enough.

Handmade doesn’t have to mean homemade

The good news is that you don’t need to follow a health cookies recipe on your own to sate your cravings. You should always opt for handmade cookies, but it doesn’t mean to be your handmade cookies.

By buying cookies from a bakery or specialized shop you are already cutting down on the worst ingredient of all: Preservatives. And some shops specialize in low-fat or low-sugar cookies too. By buying directly from the source you get more control over what goes inside your body. Nobody should stop eating cookies altogether, but we definitely should eat healthier ones. So trust handmade cookies and leave the mall behind from now on.

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