Earn Your Income Posting Your Own Tips and Tricks Online

Anyone spending enough time on social media will no doubt come across videos sharing tips and tricks. You can find such videos of a range of different topics – kitchen, cleaning, safety, makeup, fashion, fishing, work outs, weight loss, learning a new language – really anything that you could think of. If you have any ‘life hacks’ of your own, why not create your own tips and tricks’ video?

What topics can I cover?

It is better to choose a topic that you are already interested in. The more you yourself are interested, the more you can expect that the viewer will be interested in watching your content. Also, researching topics of your interest is a much easier task since you already have at least some background knowledge.

How to Start?

Start by writing down a rough outline of the videos you want to create. A concise and clear format helps keep the theme of your content consistent. Content consistency is the most value factor contributing to brand success. It is a way in which your audience can recognize your content even without looking at the captions or which user has posted. It is also a way to streamline your content creation process. For each video you plan on recording, you should already have a clear plan on what the outcome should be. It may be as simple as scripting what you intend to say during the video, but it provides a great deal of help

Where Should I Post My Videos?

It is best to diversify your online presence by posting on different platforms in order to widen your audience. However, it is important to tailor your content according to each individual platform. For example, Youtube’s algorithm favors channels with longer watch time and hence, compiling a longer list of tips to make a longer video is ideal. On the other hand, Tiktok generally favors a limit of up to 60 seconds – so make it just one or two tips.

How to Grow My Audience

An especially important topic to study carefully when it comes to marketing strategies is SEO – short for search engine optimization. Basically, this is how you can be more prominent and visible in any social media platform that contains a search engine (which is almost all of them). An easy example to understand is the ‘Recommendations’ tab on Youtube – this is what most users will be drawn to at first. Videos that are optimized for SEO will most likely show up on this page, increasing their chances of being watched. What about apps that have a limited search engine like TikTok? It is still advantageous to optimize for SEO. Buying TikTok followers can help your account too.

When Can I Start Earning?

Different platforms have their own thresholds for the amount of hours watched or the number of subscribers/followers you need to have before monetizing your account. However, it is always safe to say that the bigger your audience is, the better. There are a few ways to earn money on social media. The first is through ads like Google’s AdSense. This is where the platform itself will pay you (via AdSense) for each time a user clicks on your video and views (or clicks) an ad that is displayed in relation to your video. Sometimes the ad is just a banner displayed at the bottom of your video. Other times, a short video cuts of the middle of your video and starts playing. Another way social media content creators earn money is through the platform itself – such as TikTok’s creator fund – whereby the app itself pays users to record a certain (predetermined) number of videos in a set time. Of course, there is also selling your own merchandise on social media. If you already have a significant fan base, you can sell exclusive products on your account.

However, the most lucrative way to earn money on social media is through partnering with companies looking to market via social media. In this case, companies looking to advertise their products approach users with a wide audience, asking them to promote their products in exchange for monetary compensation. This could be as blatant as a scripted part of the video whereby the video creator promotes the products and thanks the ‘sponsors’ of the video. It can also be very subtle, where no mention of the products is made at all – it would just be there in the background for users to subconsciously register the brand.


There are various ways to earn money on social media, and a wide variety of content that you can strive to create. Posting different tips and tricks for topics of your interest is an easy and popular way to get creative on social media – and requires just a little effort to be successful.

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