Dumpor: Find The Top Ten Alternatives Of It For Instagram Viewers

You can search for and download other people’s Instagram posts as a user without having an Instagram account. Here, Dumpor makes it simple to see and download photos from Instagram, videos, and news anonymously for as long as you desire.

I will discuss Dumpor’s substitutes in this blog post so that you can use them to meet your needs in case you can’t discover them. You will find out its benefits, applications, and safety in this post.

Dumpor Alternatives

Dumpor is a completely free platform, if you don’t reach this site due to some issues then here are some substituents that will assist you. Now, let’s examine some of the best alternatives for this website that have comparable functions and features.

These alternatives are Insanony, Instanavigation, Anonstories, Anonyig, Insta Stories Viewer, Mollygram, Storiesig, Storistalker, Storiesdown, Ig Story Viewer, etc.


With Insanony, you can read and download Instagram stories secretly, quickly, and easily. You can view someone else’s story without their knowledge. No account or subscription is needed; you may download high-quality pictures and movies to your device for free.

The narrative owner will always know who has viewed their work when you watch it. You don’t have to share everything you do on Instagram to keep up with the latest news and postings. On Insanony’s home page, you can search for your desired content and save it for later use by clicking on the favorite category after the search bar.


You can watch and do whatever you want with Instanavigation, and the owners of other accounts cannot see you. Absolute and full anonymity is the main feature of this website; to use it, you don’t need to set up a private mode, log in to your account, or enter a password.

It acts as an extra security measure, so you won’t have to worry about data leakage if you don’t enter any. Additionally, it enables visitors who are not registered to see interesting social network pages. It provides you with an easy and cost-free method of keeping up with events on Instagram while maintaining the privacy of your identity. 


You may easily download and store stories, highlights, pictures, and videos to your computers, Macs, phones, and other devices using Anonstories. Here are some benefits of using this valuable platform: all you have to do is enter the user name of Instagram to download narratives. 

It requires no installation, and its UI is elegant and straightforward. You may also access the Instagram Highlights viewer support with it. Its stories can be shared on various social media platforms, downloaded, and secretly viewed by users in total safety. SSL encryption is used by this site to protect your data and maintain the privacy of your browsing.


You can browse easily using this handy web tool Anonyig Instagram Story Viewer. In addition, you can download a wide range of Instagram material while staying anonymous, including pictures, videos, clips, and more. You can enjoy this content without an internet connection whenever it’s convenient. Just turn on Anonyig Viewer to see or save Instagram stories.

Anonyig is completely free, and when you use this site, its privacy policy tells you how it gathers, utilizes, and shares your data. This policy will be updated and go into effect when posted on this page.

Insta Stories Viewer

An anonymous way to see Instagram stories from open accounts is to utilize a free program called “Insta Stories Viewer” which doesn’t require social network user permission. Besides entering the user’s identity, it lets you watch posts anonymously and doesn’t require further steps.

Users can securely download and view Instagram’s highlights, stories, and photographs from a profile using the services. You can download your smartphone’s offered content using specific UI components. Every photo is in jpeg or jpg format, and each video is accessible in mp4 format.


Mollygram provides excellent service that makes viewing Instagram stories simple. This platform’s fast response time ensures you won’t experience any streaming fault or image quality problems. This portal is accessible on PCs, Android, iOS, and other devices, and it lets users share pictures and movies that erase after a day.

You can watch stories anonymously as many times as you like. You can watch Instagram stories without checking on or creating an account, making it a wonderful option for people who want to hide their identities.


With the help of the free tool Storiesig, you may browse Instagram stories from public accounts in secret without needing permission. By providing the user name, this portal offers you fully free functionality and the ability to watch stories without requiring any further actions.

This tool lets you obtain relevant material and inform you about interesting news. It is unrestricted in its usage on any device. It uses SSL encryption to safeguard your personal information, making it safe and guaranteeing your browsing’s privacy policy.


Complete access to all public profiles, including those with erased photographs and stories, is provided by Storistalker. It’s special since you can browse users’ postings here without creating an account. You must have an account to view their stories, removed posts, etc. 

Flashstart has been monitoring this website for years and has not discovered any malware or phishing activity. Trend Micro has certified this portal as trustworthy, and Multiverse has rated it safe. Because of its user-friendly UI, consumers may easily utilize this service. It ensures that users get help and support anytime they need it and is available around the clock.


Storiesdown is a platform that offers a straightforward process, making it the greatest story viewer, and is a free app for content downloaders. The user-friendly features have made it easier for people to stalk IG profiles. It is just a convenient story viewer; no registration is required, and you don’t have to provide your email to use this app.

It is a free online tool allowing you to view and download Instagram stories without the author’s knowledge and with no Instagram limitation. It is a web-based tool that allows you to view posts without the account owner finding out.

Ig Story Viewer

View posts, tags, comments, stories, and more on Instagram using the free story viewer offered by Ig Story Viewer. You can download images and videos from any public Instagram account without logging in. Being anonymous allows you to browse any profile; its authors are unaware of your identity or how you interact with their stories.  

After adding a profile name, you can view Instagram profiles without any issues and anyone can use this free service. You don’t need to download any additional apps or register to use these tools. It is easy to use and compatible with any device with a basic web browser.

What is Dumpor?

One of the easiest ways to stalk Instagram is to use Dumpor, a free program that lets you browse posts and stories. You can examine other people’s profiles with this tool without registering for an account.

Users may watch Instagram stories using it without revealing their identity or logging in. According to media sources, the platform is widely used, with 2 billion active members, making it a tiny global social network.

On the other hand, some people prefer to look at other people’s accounts rather than use Instagram. They can interact anonymously with those who wish to connect by using the Dumpor Instagram gateway.

Name Dumpor
Type Instagram story viewer 
Platform Web-based 
Main Audience Instagram user 
Interface User friendly

Is Dumpor safe?

Dumpor is completely safe as it takes user safety seriously and employs security measures to protect your information. It uses a secure connection and acts as an intermediary between you and Instagram, minimizing direct exposure to potential risk. 

Features of Dumpor

The Dumpor has several useful features that assist you in looking through the statistics of other people’s accounts. There are some characteristics like anonymity, accessibility, and user interface that draw your attention.


You must see Instagram stories on Dumpor to view them without the account owner knowing. When you want to stay up to date on the newest news but don’t want to engage directly with people’s profiles, this tool is as effective.


Posts, movies, and photos can all be easily downloaded from this portal without restrictions. With Dumpor, you may download the content you want, store it, and view it at another moment without using the internet.

User interface

This portal is so simple that even a novice user can figure out where to begin. It prides itself on a user-friendly interface. With its sleek design and easy navigation, you can effortlessly search for Instagram accounts and view or download their stories with a few clicks.

How to use Dumpor?

Dumpor is easy to use, like the other apps we browse on Instagram. To utilize it, you must first use your browser to visit the Dumpor website.

Navigating the Platform

You can use the arrow keys or swipe left and right to move between stories or click on a story to read it. Click the download button beneath a story to begin the download process.

Viewing Profiles

After entering the user name, click the search button, and Dumpor will retrieve the account’s stories or display them on your screen. You can choose any profile according to your desire without informing the owner.

Searching Content

There is a search box on the Dumpor homepage if you want to use this platform to look up anything. Type in the Instagram user name of the account whose stories you wish to see.

Benefits of Dumpor

The Dumpor is an online service with a range of benefits based on its use. However, we must talk about a few of them now, such as preserving privacy, offering free services, not requiring an account, etc.

Privacy preservation

The significance of online privacy is emphasized by Dumpor and related apps; it is crucial to ensure your personal Instagram account is safe. Through various privacy options, Instagram lets you control who can connect with your profile. 

You should notify Instagram immediately if your content is being viewed on our platform without your permission. Instagram takes user privacy seriously and will take the necessary measures. 

Cost-Free Service

You can explore your Instagram profile using the Dumpor, a free service. This incredible platform gives you an affordable method of staying current. 

No Account Requirement

The Dumpor is a fantastic platform that lets users access and watch articles without an account. You don’t have to sign up or log in to view and explore Instagram profiles here.


The Dumpor is immensely popular since it allows users to stalk each other’s profiles. Videos, posts, stories, and other information can all be viewed offline on any public or private platform only available online. Using this app is the best way to see and download Instagram stories.

Some of the characteristics that make this site unique are mentioned in the description above. Its advantages go beyond comfort and privacy; reducing the fear of being observed and investigated allows users to interact with Instagram more authentically. It is the sole service that makes it possible for people to access stories anonymously and without difficulty.

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