Don’t Overlook the Side-Effects of Drugs

Drugs are usually taken by people to feel relaxed and happy, but this can turn out to be quite different. Apart from the intended results, it can also cause unexpected and unwanted side effects. Although medication is necessary to cure a certain disorder or health issue, it can also result in an adverse impact. The after-effects are not known and can take dangerous turns if left without paying any attention.

Drugs target the central nervous system of the human body and are basically of three types. Namely depressants, hallucinogens and stimulants. Depressants slow down the transmission of the messages to and from the brain. Hallucinogens, on the other hand, make the person hear or see things which don’t exactly exist in the real world. Stimulants which is the third type of drug is used by people to make themselves feel confident and alert. It works in the opposite way of depressants, as it enhances the speed of transmission of messages. Intake in large amounts of any of the drugs can cause anxiety and other types of health issues.

Personal traits

Every drug does not affect every person in the same manner, so no predictions or preventive measures can be taken beforehand. The personal characteristics of an individual play a major role in determining the effects of it. Body size, the dosage of the drug, age, weight, sex, ethnicity, etc. are some of the things which must be taken into consideration for the same. It can help in calculating the severity of side effects.

It must be remembered that illegal drugs are uncontrolled substances, therefore the quality and strength of it can vary depending upon the production batch. Some effects can have a long term impact on the person while some of them can subside in a day or so. After the intake of drugs, a person may behave differently than usual and may also face difficulty in controlling the thoughts and actions.


It all starts with just a shot or try, but eventually, the person becomes a casual drug user. The frequent intake of drugs makes the body tolerant to its effects. As a result of this, an individual may increase the dose to experience the effects of drugs and gradually becomes dependent on that. Hence it is advised to consult a doctor or physician before starting the consumption of any type of drugs.

Common drugs like hash, pot, weed, marijuana usually relaxes the mind and body, but the regular or repetitive use of it can pose a problem in concentration, learning etc. For someone whose family members have had a history of mental illness is more prone to extreme psychotic reactions. Other types of drugs like cocaine carries a greater risk of heart condition if consumed together with alcohol.


Medicines are also considered drugs and can cause side effects other than the reason for which it is being used. For example, if one takes Tecfidera for multiple sclerosis, but as it is a drug there is a chance that it can have a side effect. Majority of people don’t experience any such kind of conditions, as the medicines have different effects on different people. Hence it is recommended that before the intake of medicine get proper knowledge about the potential side effects.

It is also advised that the people disclose about their medical history to the doctor or any ongoing prescription. This is so because the blend of two types of medicines or drugs in high doses can severely affect the health of any individual.

Consultation from Doctor

Even though some side effects can be minor, but still that can be a sign that the drug is not working in accordance with the body of the individual taking it. A doctor should be informed about the condition if the patient experiences headaches, diarrhea, constipation, skin rashes, swelling hands or feet, etc. In some cases, the side effects are not visible and won’t surface up so the doctor might recommend getting lab tests done. This ensures proper safety of the patient from any unfavorable condition that may occur.

Most people stop taking the medicines on their own if they notice something unusual regarding their body. But rather than doing so they should discuss the case with the doctor first.

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