Dog Car Seat Cover Buying Guide

For most of us, dogs are part of the family that we want to take with us everywhere. However, when traveling by car, they can make a huge mess that we would like to avoid.

The right dog car seat cover is the best way to protect your car’s interior from messes, dog hairs, tear and wear. But when it comes down to it, how do you choose the best one? Which seat cover will work best for protecting your car and keeping your pet safe and comfortable?

To help you find the best option for your vehicle and your pet, we’ve compiled this buying guide. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about finding the perfect dog back seat cover!

What Are the Best Car Seat Covers for Dog Hair?

If you’re a dog owner, then you’re probably familiar with the following scenario: you get in your car after a long day at work and notice that every surface is covered with dog hair. It’s everywhere — on the seats, on the floor mats — even sticking to the inside of your car doors. Ugh!

Luckily, good dog hammock car seat covers are great to protect your vehicle against hair. But what particular characteristics are decisive here?

Firstly, to deal with dog hair easily, you want a seat cover that is easy to clean.

Dog hair can easily get into upholstery fabric, car seat folds, and small corners and be very difficult to remove. So a dog hammock that covers your back seat and is easy to clean will make washing much easier for you. Seat covers made from smooth and waterproof fabrics are the best choice. Also, a great solution would be choosing a dog car seat cover that can be easily wiped with a damp cloth or thrown into your washing machine.

Secondly, you want a seat cover with wide coverage.

Wide-coverage dog hammock car seat covers protect a larger area of your rear seat: the backrest, the seat itself, the floor, the backs of the front seats, and often the doors as well. Simple math: the more space is covered, the less dog hair will get through and stain your car interior.

So, to fully protect your car not only from hair but also from dirt, liquids and scratches, buy car hammock for dogs that is large and easy to clean. For example, we can recommend checking out the increasingly popular Owleys Travel Buddy dog back seat cover and similar style hammocks.

Which Material Is Best for Car Seat Covers?

Most dog seat covers are fabric or leather. But what is the best material to choose for your pet? Let’s discuss their main characteristics.

Leather seat covers have a beautiful, premium look. Plus, they are waterproof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean. However, leather can often be uncomfortable for pets – for example, in hot weather. And especially if your doggie is long-haired.

Also, leather dog seat covers quickly lose their original appearance. Scratches on leather are more noticeable than on any other material. In addition, a leather dog car seat cover is rarely machine washable, so difficult stains require extra care. Please keep that in mind when choosing one.

On the other hand, many fabric seat covers also have really nice-looking designs. Covers made from nylon or Oxford cloth have great waterproof properties and are wear- and tear-resistant. Plus, they are super easy to clean with a damp cloth or washing machine. So in terms of care and durability, they often outperform leather dog hammock car seat covers.

Besides, fabric seat covers are much more comfortable for pets. Cloth materials are breathable and therefore work great even in hot weather. They are also softer and cozier to make your doggie feel great while you’re traveling together.

How Do I Know What Seat Covers to Buy?

Before you buy a dog seat cover, there are a few more essential points to pay close attention to.

1. Size match

Whether you’re looking for a Jeep dog seat cover or a seat cover for your van, make sure it fits your vehicle. Measure your car seats and check the size of the seat cover you want to buy. It shouldn’t be too large or too small –the sizes should match up if you want your seat cover to work properly. If necessary, contact the seller to ensure their “Jeep dog seat cover” will fit your particular Jeep model.

2. Safe design

To keep your pet secured on the road, make sure the seat cover you want to buy is safe to use. Remember that your dog must be restrained with a harness and seat belt to your car seat buckle. If the dog seat cover you’re looking at does not allow you to secure your pet with a seat belt buckle, it is dangerous to use on the road.

3. Other customer reviews

Take extra time to check customer reviews. Typically, the seller highlights only those characteristics that are beneficial and doesn’t reveal the flaws of the product. And honest customer reviews can be very helpful. But keep in mind that many sellers remove negative reviews from their websites. In this case, we recommend doing some extra research – reading reviews on other sites or maybe articles about the product.

4. Return and replacement guarantees

You have to be prepared for things to go wrong. The size may be wrong, the materials can be worse than expected, or the product may come defective. To avoid problems with your product in the future, you need a return and replacement guarantee.

So if you’re not buying through Amazon or Walmart, but directly from the brand, carefully read their return policy and other guarantees for the customer. Ask questions if necessary.

Do Seat Covers Make a Difference?

Considering all information discussed, there can be the last question left. Do dog seat covers really make a difference? Is it worth my time and money to look for and buy one?

Absolutely. Seat covers are a must-have accessory to protect your car against stains, hairs, and scratches, keeping it looking brand new for years. Plus, a good dog back seat cover not only works as great protection but also keeps your doggie secure, comfortable and happy on the road!

So let’s sum up our article.

To protect your car interior from dog hair, it is best to choose a wide-coverage dog seat cover that has an easy-to-clean design. Between leather and fabric material, choose fabric ones as they are more durable and simpler to care for. Carefully check the measurements and safety of the seat cover before purchasing. Also, be sure to check other buyers’ reviews and the brand’s return policy. Use our article as a guide and you’ll quickly find the perfect dog seat cover to meet your needs!

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